Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Shenanies.

Ladies.. this weekend has been jammed packed and I couldn't have packed anything else into it. It was full of memories, lies, fun times and lots of pictures. 

{1,2,3 &4.} I had every good intention of wearing my precious, mint converse to Relay for Life Friday night and yet I am so glad that I chose against that. We had a team from HLES that walked in honor of our family members who have passed away or are dealing with cancer presently. Our table was decorated as a Cinco de Mayo theme and we had some wonderful mexican food.  The luminaries ceremony and the survivor lap was very touching! I'm so glad I was a part of Relay for Life. 4:00 is not a friend of mine anymore though! :) 

{5.} After catching a few hours of shut-eye, I drove to Oxford to see Emily super fast before they left graduation. I know it wasn't a long visit but we enjoyed it just the same. 
Oh how I miss this lady! 

{6&7} Then... my sweet mama and I drove to Tupelo, shopped, and then we had a little surprise up our sleeves.

Caitlyn had been lied to by me ALL week/weekend and she thought that I wasn't going to be able to celebrate her graduating from College.. HELLO! I wouldn't MISS that!
Mama and I met her family at Fairpark Grille and we had a fun, fun time. :)  You may recognize these men from "Swamp People". They were eating two tables from us at dinner. So neat!

{8.} My sweet mama and grandmother after our Church's Mother's Day Recognition service. I owe so much to these ladies and I hope that one day I am a Mother just like they both are!
{9} Sweet Lynlee took a pretty great picture. Love this baby!

So.. I'm exhausted and think it's time for bed. I adore weekends like this one and can't wait for summer so that they will come around more and more.

oh, I'm joining the masses...

What have you gotten in to?


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Looks like you had such a good weekend! I love that you were able to surprise your best friend! Relay is always one of my favorite events. I love those mint converses! Too cute!