Saturday, June 15, 2013

Grab a drink and get to know me.

Happy Saturday to you!

Joy tagged me in this on Tuesday and I'm just now getting around to posting this. 

I love these 'get to know you' posts because it allows you to see who I am and how I live.

1. Out of the 24 hours in a day, what is your favorite time on the clock and why?
  • My favorite time of the day would  have to be 5:00. I have been home from school for a good hour, TV is starting to get good and in the "hot months" it is starting to become pleasant outside.     

2. What is your favorite magazine to get in the mail or buy in the store?
  • I don't normally buy magazines but every year on my birthday, Caitlyn (my best) will buy me the Mississippi Bridal Mag. It's my favorite!

3. Twitter or Facebook?

  • Uh, hard decision. I would have to say Facebook because more of my friends/acquaintances are on there when they don't have twitter.

4. What's your best memory of high school?
  • I would have to say that my favorite memory happened on Graduation morning. Two of my good friends and I got up super early, drove to our principal's house and put a sign announcing that he was hosting a party after graduation. (BTW: this was a total lie and his wife found it HILARIOUS!)

5. What's your go to website for shopping?
  • I love ebay, Craigslist and

6. A blogger who inspires you?
  • I adore every blog and every blogger that I read. They all bring so much to the table.

7. Who is your celebrity crush?
  • Luke Bryan, of course!

8. What's a book you'd recommend to read?
  • "Same Kind of Beautiful As Me."-look it up!

9. A favorite recipe you love to make?
  • I can't give this advice, I'm not a cook! :)

10. Your favorite app on your phone?
  • Instagram- It's an obsession.

11. You've got an afternoon kid free and job free, what would you do?
  • I would go thrift shopping, grab ice-cream and watch tv.

12. The restaurant you always crave?
  • Any Mexican Restaurant and like Joy, McAlisters!

Thanks for including me in this get to know you!

Ask any questions that you have! 

Hope y'all are enjoying the weekend!


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