Friday, June 14, 2013

Lauren, Mississippi, 24.

Hey y'all! I'm Lauren.

Wanna hear more about me?
I'm 24, born and raised in Mississippi and I'm about to start my 3rd year of teaching!  I live in Southaven.I love life and love spending it with people that I adore
I'm a Christian and am so blessed by my sweet Savior.
I love to dance, sing, SHOP, and go to sporting events, ESPECIALLY Ole Miss Football games.
I may or may not be obsessed with Ole Miss. You decide..

*dancing the night away with King Kobraz.

I have some great friends who I am thankful for so, so much. I love to be adventurous with them and am looking for someone who wants to be the same.


I have a sweet family that consists of my Daddy, Mother and my older brother, Adam. I also have a fabulous grandmother, who I call "Mom". I love family time and plan to carry out those traditions in my own family. I adore kids and have always been a babysitter, teacher, etc. my entire life. It's who I am! 

I love Starbucks, shoes, thrift shopping, social media and all things FUN! 
If you want to find me (or you want to show somebody) on Facebook here is my link:

While I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to put myself out there, I'm also praying that God bring the one made for me, to ME!

Hopefully God will use this for my good. 


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This is so exciting and I hope hope hope this works!!! I have been reading Kelly's blog for a few years now and it's so fun to see a blogger I follow {you} signed up for singles day! Keep us all posted how it goes :-)