Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

linking up with Michelle.
Here's another week with my favorite friend, Pinterest! :)

Want to see my favorites from the week??

Some nights I seriously could stay on Pinterest for hours and hours and hours. I can't wait to see some of your pins. I would love for your to join my boards so look up at my social media buttons on the top!

Hope y'all have a great "rainy" Wednesday! :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend was full of coughing, traveling and fun. Which one of these doesn't belong?

Let's recap.

I had our girls bunco group on Saturday at my apartment and it was a BLAST! We had "walking tacos" which I had at Relay for Life and I loved. It's super easy! Here's the recipe on Pinterest! I used Doritos instead of Fritos. Totally your call!

These ladies are so special to me and the majority of them go to my church which is even more fun!

I ended up coming home because I'm just NOT feeling well at all. So ready to get over these colds/sinus infections I've been having. Any suggestions let me know?

Today consisted of: A doctor's visit, Goodwill shopping and this lovely place- Oxford. Love that the tag found another way to spell my favorite place! :)

Hope y'all are having a great start to your week!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's Love List.

The Magnolia Pair

I'm loving that I'm hosting a bunco party at my apartment on Saturday. Some sweet ladies from back home are coming to partay and then shop a while! Check back on Monday for a re-cap.

I'm loving that my classroom is coming along nicely. Here's a sneak peak and I can promise you'll be seeing more of this place. Keep up with my classroom and our projects at

(Yes, some of my letters in the alphabet are missing-- dumb heat)

I'm loving chevron anything. Like, I'm obsessed! I need to quit buying everything that I see.

1.) Lamp from Fred's Dollar Store- $9.95. Ah-maz-ing. 2.) Coaster- bought from those "lovely" facebook sales. 3.) Picture frame from Burlington 4.) Chevron Tray from TJMaxx.

I'm loving this.
(enough said)

See y'all Monday!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Confess Thursday: GIF style.

It's Thursday and I confess:

That Moment when:

That Moment I have to pay an outrageous DR. bill. Come on insurance companies.. Take care of your teacher friends:

That moment I wish I could blink and my Kindergarten Classroom would be completely decorated:

That moment when I call someone who hasn't answered their phone for hours:


I hope you enjoy your Thursday. My sinuses and myself are going to work in my classroom for a while! Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blah, blah, blah.

I've been around but just haven't found time to post my weekend wrap up, so here you go.
Shortened version.

1.) Yard Sales for the win: All of these goodies were bought for $11. SCORE!
2.) Baseball: I had the Chrestman family here for one night and it was so fun! Love these people.
3.) Sweet sisters:  Lynlee was so excited at the ball park watching her bubba.
4.) Relaxation and fun:  Watching little Cole play ball. Those little boys are too cute!
5.) Classroom love: I can't wait to show you the finished product. I'm so ready for it to be done so I can concentrate on the lesson plans and such.
6.) MK calls my name:  This purse really wanted to come home with me today from TJMAXX but my bank account said NO! Sad day!

Exciting news today: ROYAL BABY is here! I haven't been following the story for days, but I did watch today when they left the hospital. A little vine humor:

I'm waiting for a name now. Don't they know that's what we care about!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday blessing.

The Lord is good and knows exactly what needs to be done in each of our lives. I'm trusting today that he will strengthen my two hands in order to live stress free and trust in him daily. I know that GOD is love and he loves us.

When we become overwhelmed and need him, remember his love is strengthening our hands to do good.

BTW: Happy 40th Anniversary to my parentals! :)

Hope your Sunday is amazing and full of rest and peace.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday's love list.

The Magnolia Pair

1.) This video had me in tears early this morning. How did I miss this story?

Isn't that precious? I just love football and kids and when they mix, how happy it makes ME!

2.) I'm loving that Honey Boo Boo came back to us this week. Even though, I forgot to watch I can't wait to catch up on the episode. Does that make me crazy??

3.) I'm loving the "back to school" shopping I did for my classroom yesterday. I can't wait to show you Ms. Patton's final touches.

4.) I'm loving that Bunco is at my apartment next weekend and I can't wait to entertain so many of my favorite ladies. Be prepared, there will be pictures and stories I am sure.

5.) love this promise. 

Elisabeth Elliot.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Something Blue VoxBox

Well, I joined Influenster and hoped, hoped, hoped for a great box to start with.
Guess what?
I got it! 
The Something Blue Voxbox was at my door before I could say " I do".

Kiss Nail Dress:  These nails are not something that I would typically buy for myself. I think that they are very professional looking and would look so good on anybody that tries them on. 

Dr. Scholls' For her: You know those heels/wedges that you love but you dread being in for more than 30 minutes? Well, here is your solution. These comfort cushions are wonderful and allow you to spend more time in your cute shoes that if you didn't have them in. I will definitely be wearing these to the next wedding I attend.

Luster NOW: This toothpaste is a great whitener toothpaste that has a fresh taste for the win. I am usually a Crest or Colgate person but I love that I am being introduced to new products. I am always looking for products that are going to better my body and help me to be cleaner. This toothpaste was reasonably priced and was in a great box that caught my attention. Always a plus! 

My Trio Rings: What girl doesn't like diamonds? This website has many beautiful rings that are very affordable. I know that when the time comes, price is going to be a big deal and is something that needs to be researched. This website is laid out very nicely and allows a girl to pick what "specifics" she is looking for in the perfect ring.

Urgent RX:  Luckily, I haven't had a bad headache recently, so this powder hasn't been used. I did get on the website and review how to use the powder for when/if the time comes. The reviews of this powder have been wonderful and I. just. know it will work for me when I need it. 

Q-tip Precision tips: These Q-tips were wonderful! I believe that these are some of the most comfortable Q-tips that have graced my ears. I love the way that one end is thicker than the other and it had a very soft feel. They are wonderful for applying creams and such as well.

Thank you Influenster so much for letting me enjoy and learn more about these products!

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend has been a whirlwind. Non-stop, gotta be here now and there in a little bit. You know? Those kinds of weekends that you have your hand in EVERYTHING.
But.. If I'm honest, I adore those weekends. I hate being at home with absolutely nothing to do. Weird?... Maybe! :)

Friday: My Mom, mother and I ran some errands and then did our usual Friday night mexican date. Seriously, my grandmother is the cutest thing trying to pronounce things on the menu for her order! She's a mess!

Saturday: Mama and I got up bright and early and went to THE cutest Baby shower for her bosses' grandbaby. Let me just tell you.. A beautiful home/sun room shower, a paisley cake, sweet decor and wonderful brunch. BTW: the sweet mother-to-be has named her my favorite baby name and I can't wait to see this sweet baby. 

Then.. I went to Tupelo and had a late birthday dinner with my Merle. Her family grilled hamburgers and we celebrated big. 

Then.. this happened.  (The Call)
I was pretty much done at the beginning but I watched the entire movie. It. was. crazy.
Let me know if you decide to watch it, what you think about it. :)

Sunday: Merle goes to church at Northstar and our college BSU co-pastor, Troy is now on staff at this church. I enjoyed worshiping with them today and I love that their church is REAL and sincere in their love of people and showing Jesus to all. If you are looking for a church home, check them out!

I really want to update this blog on the cheap.. if you have any links, resources, ideas or if you just WANT to do it, contact me. :)

Peace y'all. Happy Monday.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday's Love List.

The Magnolia Pair

Let me tell you the things that I love on this Friday morning.
  1. I love thrift shopping, yard sale-ing, and anything that has to do with someone else's junk! I'm seriously addicted to Goodwill, Craigslist, etc. and I might be on 45 counties' Resale pages on Facebook. Hello, My name is Lauren and I need help.
just this morning! I found that precious Colonel Reb pillow and plush doll. 
Was it worth the drive and gas? probably so.

2.) I love that I've been able to work in my classroom this week. I've got lots of plans for my class this year and I can't wait to see which babies will be in my room! Mississippi is implementing some new teacher accountability this year and of course, that makes me nervous but with GOD, I can do ANYTHING! 

3.) I love that Pinterest was invented and allows me to spend all of my free time looking up things that I don't need or things that I don't have time to make! But, I want too!                                        Check me out-------------------->

4.) I love that I found this ladies' blog. I'm obsessed with her decorating post from Thursday and her love for Oxford throughout her house! Check her out!!

5.) I love that this is happening soon. hopefully.  I'll share details and pictures ASAP.

Cafe length chevron curtains

Happy Friday to YOU!

What are your loves?

Thursday, July 11, 2013



Listening: slash/ Watching Friends. I'm also listening to my iPhone text message ding go off every .2 seconds. :)

Drinking: Route 44 Diet Coke from Sonic. I needed a pick-me-up after working in my room all week. 

Loving: That my best lets me use her Netflix account and I'm getting to watch (from the beginning) Grey's Anatomy. It's my favorite show. It makes me happy.

Reading: My favorite blogs and Facebook.

Wearing: Nike shorts and a Southern Marsh t-shirt. AKA, comfy clothes.

Thinking: "I have so much to do in my classroom."

Thankful:  Family/friends/Bible study/a career that I love

Wondering: Should I go hear Love and Theft fo free tonight? (no-brainer, right?)

Realizing: My life plan (ha) was to have my first kid by 25. I turn 25 in January and I'm not even married. Oi! 

Thanks to Mason, I'm loving my Home Screen on my iPhone.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

Happy Monday to you!

This has been a VERY busy two weeks.  I've thankful to be back at my apartment and hopefully I am going to check some things off of my to-do list this week. So, come back and see what gets accomplished, K?

Now on to the weekend re-cap. These collages make everything easier! I love documenting what I do every weekend. Thanks, Sami for letting us all get together and share our memories.

one.// Little Harper woke me up wanting to play go potty. Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? Or is it just that I'm partial??? two.// I went to Erika and Kyle's wedding reception. They got married about a month ago on the beach and had their beautiful reception this Saturday. She looked beautiful and so happy. :) three.// This reception turned into a small class reunion. I love these girls and can't wait to have a "real" get-together. I'm working on this! four.// Our small town USA Thaxton had a great "community" get together this weekend. We had food, fireworks and fun! Thaxton Baptist did a great job putting this together. I love getting together with people who I haven't seen in years! five.// Love these news shoes! They were half off and I couldn't resist. I've already worn these twice. Shoes are my love language. 

Haley, one of my sweet roommates from Ole Miss has re-joined the blogging world. Please go follow her on bloglovin and show her some love! She's a precious girl who teaches, has the cutest clothes and a HUGE heart. Go. follow. her. NOW.

Sami's Shenanigans

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hospital humor.

Hey ladies! Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend. :)

I'll be posting my weekend link-up with Sami Shenanigans on Monday but until then, I'll share a photo shoot from the hospital last week...

Shouldn't you be serious when your best is in the hospital?
I. think. not. 
Poor Caitlyn had to say goodbye to her gallbladder and we had a party before. 

She wasn't doped up at this point so we took advantage of her situation but I'm sure her mother took care of the embarrassing videos after the surgery. Oh, I can't wait to see these.

So, if you are ever bored in a hospital and your "patient" doesn't feel like complete pooey, have a photo shoot and lift their spirits!

Hopefully you'll be on your way to feeling better soon!
See y'all Monday!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Toes in the water.

the waves of the sea help me get back to me. 

I'm rested from the trip and ready to tell you all about it. Instead of doing multiple re-cap days ( i have nothing against that, just not for this trip) I'm going to jumble it all together here for you, ladies. 

We go on this girl's trip with my cousin Linda and her family. It's our 2nd year to go and we have already started talking about next years trip! We love our girl time and being able to do what we love. Swim, eat, and shop.

I was loaded and prepared with many monogrammed pretties this year and couldn't wait to get on the beach. I also had a cooler painted for the trip and ask me how many times we used it. (1 time) It'll come in handy for the future. :)

Mama and I enjoyed laying out on the beach and then when it got so hot that we couldn't stand it, we would head to the pool. That's where Linda, Nikki, and Kristin enjoyed being and we would join them there for the best of both worlds. Our condo was wonderful, even though we really only enjoyed it at night when we came in from eating.

We enjoyed lots of places to eat on the beach and even though I am not a seafood person, I did eat shrimp once! We enjoyed our nights, no doubt!
Tacky Jacks, LuLus', Wolf Bay Lodge and The Hangout were out choices and we made lots of good decisions with what we ate! 

I got to watch the sunrise over the ocean, listen to the waves, meet new people, spend time with my mama and live it up on the beach. What more could this girl ask for?

I'm thankful, oh so thankful for a family who loves to be together and I hope that the beach memories continue throughout my lifetime!
*hint, hint.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy F o u r t h!

Hey friends! 

I'm home and trying to get over the "back home from the beach" blues but I promise to have a re-cap of that soon! 

Until then... 

that picture above is one of my favorites that I captured on the trip and I thought it perfectly fit with today's holiday. I just love the Fourth of July because it reminds me of everything I have to be thankful for.

I'm thankful for:
my freedom// Soldiers who gave their lives so I could live in Freedom/ /the right to vote and express my opinions even when others might not like them/ /Religious Freedom and the ability to worship my Savior.// American food// Our United States.
I could go on and on and on....

Enjoy your day with your friends, family, and fireworks!

I'll be wearing my new American flag scarf while enjoying a cookout with my family. :)

God Bless America!