Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hospital humor.

Hey ladies! Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend. :)

I'll be posting my weekend link-up with Sami Shenanigans on Monday but until then, I'll share a photo shoot from the hospital last week...

Shouldn't you be serious when your best is in the hospital?
I. think. not. 
Poor Caitlyn had to say goodbye to her gallbladder and we had a party before. 

She wasn't doped up at this point so we took advantage of her situation but I'm sure her mother took care of the embarrassing videos after the surgery. Oh, I can't wait to see these.

So, if you are ever bored in a hospital and your "patient" doesn't feel like complete pooey, have a photo shoot and lift their spirits!

Hopefully you'll be on your way to feeling better soon!
See y'all Monday!


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So blessed to have you as a friend. I know I would want you right by my side heaven forbid I ever had to have an operation. You are the BEST!!! Love you tons!!!