Monday, September 23, 2013

// Tuesday Tidbits

We've made it past Monday, friends! This weather is amazing and I'm loving all this change that is in the air. 

I've got so many plans, to-do lists, and fun adventures to get me through this week so I'm really looking forward to having a GRAND week. 

Coton Colors Collegiate Collection: Man, that's a mouthful! I am LOVING this new line that CC has come out with. I am obsessed with Happy Everything because of the precious plate that I have and all the fun attachments that I am loving lately. Currently, my plate has the football attachment on there but it is patiently waiting for the chevron pumpkin for Fall. 
Can Y'all believe we are there already??
Check out the collegiate collection here.

I love my Football "fall" mantle and this piece just added some spirit. 

Anchor Charts for my classroom: I have been on a roll this week with pre-made anchor charts and other lovelies that are hopefully going to be beneficial for my kinders. They are all hands on children and need that extra reminder that they can manipulate to learn. By the way: My classroom is very diverse this year and it's been an adjustment and a learning process all in one. They are precious babies!

Beat 'Bama Week: 
Photo: Forever OLE MISS @

It's all in fun, people! I can't wait to watch the game with good friends and hopefully some good food too! :)

This was such a random post but that is how my night is going! Hopefully I'll be back with a few more posts this week.

Weekend Shenanigans.

Sami's Shenanigans

Hello, friends! This has been a pretty low-key, relaxing weekend and I loved it!
My weeks seem to get busier and busier and my kiddos are wearing me OUT. Grad school has been on the back burner and this week, I hope to knock out some studying and work.

I've just got to get motivated! I'm going to do a blog post this week to show you some fall decorations going up and some things that are on my wish list. Be looking for that

Here is my weekend in pictures:

I'm loving my Phillip Lim bag from Target! It's huge and I've been asked 3 times this weekend if it's my suitcase but I love it! Go check them out....

// loved this hand towel that is sold at one of our local boutiques. Football is a good, good sport! :)

// Ashley who owns this local boutique re-did this beaut. It called my name when I walked in the store. She is going to use it in her dressing room and I just adore it. Our small town is SO lucky to have so many cute boutiques and unique shops to browse through. Now, my checkbook wouldn't agree. 

// Ole Miss may have not had a game but red and blue was still worn for my Saturday outfit. I ADORE this Target, polka dotted jeans that I scored last week on clearance. I think that they will probably get worn quite often until winter! Target=problems with my spending problem. 

I feel that my weekends have slowed down for a while because we don't have another home game until the 2nd week in October and then we have 6 home games in a room. CRAZY! 

Talking about home games.. 
All football fans READ this. I love our coach!

Monday, September 16, 2013

//Birthdays, Tv, and A Rebel WIN!//

Sami's Shenanigans

It's Monday, all day today and I couldn't be more tired! My kiddos were pretty good today and that's always a plus but I'm still exhausted! I need some B-12 vitamins. :)

This weekend was a lot of fun and I'm ready to share it with you!

1.// don't I need this cute SEC shirt? I'm kinda  obsessed with SEC football.

2.)// We celebrated my sweet Daddy's birthday on Saturday! We had a "mini" birthday party for them at my grandmother's house and we enjoyed some family football watching time. 

3.)// Man, that cake! It was so good. I might be craving a piece at this very moment.

4.)// Merle and I decided to have a football watching party that started at Blue Canoe and ended at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

#finsup #hornsdown

I just got through with dinner with sweet Emily and I can't wait for other nights of stories and catching up! :)

Hoping for a great week! I've been exhausted here lately! Any of you teachers feel this way too?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11, I remember!

I saw this on twitter last night and couldn't believe that today would be the 12th anniversary of 9-11. I can tell you where I was, what we were doing and which teacher I was with in school. I remember coming home and watching it ALL night not knowing what had happened exactly and what America would do!

Thank Goodness I have a Savior who knows ALL and knew that we would get through that day and live to tell about it. I'm thankful that as a nation we came together and helped each other through the  "cowardly terrorists" actions. I'm truly sad that some people could kill so many people and not feel any remorse.

Today, I stood before 24 Kindergarteners who were not even born in 2001 and shared with them this sweet book. I talked to them about the bad men who tried to scare the United States and how they hurt our country but we came together and we will be strong just like the book said. Their little minds didn't understand the hatred that these men had and for that I. am. thankful.
They will never know what happened on that day unless we tell them and I plan to do that each and every year, as long as I teach, because all kids need to know the history of America and that's a day that we all remember!

I am thankful that my brother wasn't a NYC Fireman and that he didn't have to take that call but I know if he had been asked to, he would have gone in a heartbeat.  The pictures above were taken while on a trip to NYC, at St. John's where the rescue personnel and volunteers rested and ate meals. This statue of badges spoke to me and also the sitting up uniform. 
God BLESS America!

THANKFUL for all Military, police, and firemen today! Their jobs are stressful, dangerous and courageous all at the same time. I'm remembering the people who were killed and I'm thankful for the people that survived. 

"where were you when the world stopped turning, on that September day?"

Monday, September 9, 2013

//Weekend Shenanigans//

Sami's Shenanigans

Hello friends! Hope you had a great weekend. They NEVER last long enough! 
I'm so glad that I'm starting to feel more in a routine with my kindergartners and their little personalities are starting to shine through. For a MONDAY, today wasn't awful and my childrens made me laugh! :)

This weekend was full of sweat, Football, and a Hotty Toddy good time.

Oh, Oxford is where my heart is and I love every chance I get being back there! 
I got to meet up with Faison and can't wait to see her again for the Texas A&M game. Caitlyn and I had fun tailgating in our beloved Grove and seeing some friends that we haven't seen in a while. Y'all there is nothing like gameday! 

Red and blue was everywhere and it made me so happy. Rebels pulled out a WIN which to me was a pretty boring game. It's a win none-the-less.

Hoping to post daily this week. We shall see how that goes. 

Do share about your weekend and your lovely teams that represent your happiness in the fall! :)

Woo hoo, Monday is OVER! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On My Way.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Seriously, I am obsessed with Boyce Avenue and when I heard this song, it made me tear up. There are so many truths in this song for me and I would like to share some of those with you, my friends!

I know and have known that ever since I was born, God has a beautiful, specific plan for my life. Even though I am not nearly patient enough, I know that I have to lean on him and let his plan be revealed.

This song is beautiful because:
1.) It talks about a person being born and how our future spouse isn't even thought of or in our lives.

2.)I love that it talks about all the "firsts" that we have in life and how our future isn't all that clear in those moments. Even then, our husbands/wives for you guys are in our hearts even when we don't realize/care about that.

3.) "All in Vain" is mentioned and many times as a single gal, I wonder why is God making me wait so long when so many of my friends are happily married and living the dream. You know what.. God wants MY story to reflect him and not about what I want and when I want it. It'll be perfect when he brings it to be!

4.) I'll be there the moment YOU COME OUT IN WHITE.
oh, what a precious day that will be!

I can't wait to see my story unfold! 

Y'all help a girl out with some prayers and suggestions! :)

*hopefully normal posting will start back next week. These kids are killing me! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Unloving ways.

Happy Labor Day!

Isn't it funny that we don't have to work on "labor day"?

I was pinteresting Friday night (because I'm such a party animal) and this quote REALLY hit home! I have a Willllld class this year, whom I love but they are really hardcore. They are precious babies that need ton of love and support.. I'm really trying to have patience un-ending with them but many days I feel defeated.

This quote has shown me that these Kinders need me more than ever and that I have to realize this is how some of them only know how to show love. Frustrating? YES!

I'm really praying for extra patience this week and to know that I am giving them my all. Love, Patience, Understanding and care.

Heaven, help me!

if you have had a class like this.. Help a sister out! :)
Happy Monday. So glad that a short week is ahead.