Thursday, September 5, 2013

On My Way.

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Seriously, I am obsessed with Boyce Avenue and when I heard this song, it made me tear up. There are so many truths in this song for me and I would like to share some of those with you, my friends!

I know and have known that ever since I was born, God has a beautiful, specific plan for my life. Even though I am not nearly patient enough, I know that I have to lean on him and let his plan be revealed.

This song is beautiful because:
1.) It talks about a person being born and how our future spouse isn't even thought of or in our lives.

2.)I love that it talks about all the "firsts" that we have in life and how our future isn't all that clear in those moments. Even then, our husbands/wives for you guys are in our hearts even when we don't realize/care about that.

3.) "All in Vain" is mentioned and many times as a single gal, I wonder why is God making me wait so long when so many of my friends are happily married and living the dream. You know what.. God wants MY story to reflect him and not about what I want and when I want it. It'll be perfect when he brings it to be!

4.) I'll be there the moment YOU COME OUT IN WHITE.
oh, what a precious day that will be!

I can't wait to see my story unfold! 

Y'all help a girl out with some prayers and suggestions! :)

*hopefully normal posting will start back next week. These kids are killing me!