Monday, September 2, 2013

Unloving ways.

Happy Labor Day!

Isn't it funny that we don't have to work on "labor day"?

I was pinteresting Friday night (because I'm such a party animal) and this quote REALLY hit home! I have a Willllld class this year, whom I love but they are really hardcore. They are precious babies that need ton of love and support.. I'm really trying to have patience un-ending with them but many days I feel defeated.

This quote has shown me that these Kinders need me more than ever and that I have to realize this is how some of them only know how to show love. Frustrating? YES!

I'm really praying for extra patience this week and to know that I am giving them my all. Love, Patience, Understanding and care.

Heaven, help me!

if you have had a class like this.. Help a sister out! :)
Happy Monday. So glad that a short week is ahead.


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anytime you talk about your little kiddos it reminds me of my mom and all the stories i have heard about her classrooms!