Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life as a Southern Girl.

Southern font love. Would be cute as a framed quote in the house.

As I drove home last weekend, it HIT me. I am so thankful to be a "Southern Belle" and to be raised in the South where family, tradition, the LORD, and all of these wonderful things are held to such high standards. I think its exactly why I am the person I am today.

Being Southern is a BLESSING in my life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. (Please remind me of this next Summer when it is 150 degrees outside) Some of the things that I am so mindful of and so thankful to observe are: 1.) Sunday=The Lord's Day. Give him back a portion of the blessings that he gives you EVERYDAY. My Lord is a good God and I love Sundays where I can go to church and worship him for all that he IS. 2.) Football= A way of life. It's absolutely one of my favorite past times and my Rebels have my heart. Any of my friends/family will tell you that football is a deal breaker in relationships, can be the sole reason for fights between family members and can also determine what day weddings are on based on a home or away game.


Family is our number one priority and we all are raised to do whatever it takes to make our family happy. Today, as I drove home for a sweet church member's funeral, I thought about the dedication that this sweet lady had to her family. We all are to love, respect and help our family in the good times and the bad. I'm also thankful that in the South when there is a funeral that people pull over on the side of the road to show respect to families involved. I seriously get chill bumps when people are courteous  and show that they were raised right. 

Photo: Sweet family honoring Our Mom! She's our rock!

My grandmother is the perfect example of dedication to her family. This is my family, honoring her at her church on Sunday. 

God-- YOU hit the jackpot when you gave me my family! :)

It's almost Friday and that means family time in the HAVEN. Let's do it... :)


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i'd like to think that same courtesy can be found up here in the northwest too!