Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh... No YOU didn't.

I was contacted by Tiffany @ Dropcam to write a story about a time that my precious furbaby messed up big time! This was the first thing that came to my mind:

One day, I came home from teaching and I noticed as soon as I turned the corner into my bedroom/bathroom that there was wrappers, paper, bottles, etc. all over the bathroom floor. Immediately Harper started hiding and getting really skiddish around me because she knew that she was in deep trouble!

Naturally, I was furious but I cleaned up her mess, not saying nice things about her the entire time! She just laid around and watched me clean it all up. THE NERVE! While I was cleaning up HER mess, I thought about the Shame pet pictures where the owner writes a note about their dog and how they messed up. So.. that's how this letter came about. 
My mother, her Nonna loved it.

She got a way with the mess and was even "felt sorry for" by her doggy grandparents. I on the other hand, had no sympathy for this little bad doggy!

Now she still can look at me with those sad puppy dog eyes and MELT my soul so have no worries for her safety! :)

Check out Dropcam's Campaign! -- 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

{thankful thursdays}

It's Thursday and this linkup is perfect. 
I'm dead towards the end of the week and I can't wait for the fun that the weekend will bring! So.. without further ado.. let's get to thanking!

1.) I'm thankful for Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks! I love holidays and I can't wait to be off of work and soaking up the goodness that comes with these fun times.

2.) I'm thankful for a job that challenges me DAILY and let's me know that without my God I would never be able to do what I love. It's not easy where I am teaching but God has me there for a beautiful reason and I love my babies even though I yell, a-l-o-t. :)

3.)  I'm thankful for this season that I am in. Being single sucks but on most days I am very thankful for time to focus on me and worry about my future. I'm really trying to get Grad School out of the way and then hopefully Mr. Right will be around the corner! We shall see!

4.) I'm thankful that Christmas is SOON and I'm completely decorated at my apartment. I never get to enjoy my apartment because I go home-home for the majority of Christmas so this year WILL be different. I'm decorated and loving it. I def. need more lights on my tree so that's on the to-do list for next year. Can't wait to share the full Christmas decor SOON.

5.) I'm thankful for my family and friends who keep me sane and loved throughout the day. I adore being around people and knowing that I can call/talk/see people whenever it's needed. The Lord knew what he was doing when he put these people in my life. So, so blessed.

p.s. I'm thankful that I found my 2nd pair of Nike shorts at Goodwill today. That was my happy for making it through the week! :)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Wishes.

Hey guys! 

My mama commented that I haven't blogged in a while so that got my mind wandering. I've just been blogging about weekend happenings and haven't been engaging y'all in my week days. I've got to get better about that! I can't wait to hopefully blog more this week and read your blogs for encouragement.

So, Christmas is right around the corner and I can't WAIT to start decorating my apartment (WILL happen this week) and start getting in the Holiday spirit. I've been watching Christmas movies for 2 weeks but I can't wait for Thanksgiving to get here first!

So, just so people know, I couldn't come up with a "good" Christmas want list this year for Santa so these are the things that came to mind. Just in case you feel like getting me something, here you go! I'm pumped about getting an iPad because I've never really wanted one until now. I feel that when grad school is over, my laptop won't be used often.  If you know any special deals for iPads that will happen on Black Friday, let ya girl know! I'll gladly camp out for one!

What is on your Christmas list? Can't wait to see!

Monday, November 11, 2013

the expected weekend recap.

This weekend was full of non-stop-ness. (is that a word?)

I took off  work on Friday for my 2 year heart checkup! Everything is fine, thank Goodness. The ole' heart murmur is hanging in there just fine. So, mama and I made a day of it and after my appointment, went shopping. 
I finally found a "Love God, Sweet Tea, and SEC t-shirt and I can't wait to wear it proudly!

Saturday was an early game so getting up early was a must. We went straight to the game and hung out with our Saturday crowd. I just LOVE where we sit and who we share our space with. The people around us are wonderful and are such a fun crowd to cheer with. Seriously, Ole Miss is my heaven on Earth.

Saturday night, a Boure' meal was devoured and some home time with the family was enjoyed. So thankful that I live so close to the people I love! This weekend was enjoyed so much and I can't wait to do it all again this coming week!

*Chalkboard drawing- The Lily Pad

Here's to a great week with my kinders and hoping you are enjoying yours as well!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Day at McCarty.

I'm baccccckkk! I've got to quit taking these breaks for so long! Life just doesn't slow down and while that's a wonderful thing, it's also a pain in the neck. I couldn't wait to tell you about my weekend trip (on a Tuesday) because it was so fun and a memory I won't forget anytime soon! My mama turned 58 this weekend and she planned a fun day at  McCarty Pottery in Merigold, Mississippi.

We got up early on Saturday morning and drove down in time for dinner at The Gallery. I had the yummy Chicken Crepes with Merigold Tomatoes and Sunflower Spinach. Mama had Chicken Salad, Merigold Tomatoes and Green Beans. It was definitely food that I wouldn't eat on a daily basis but I enjoyed it nonetheless. It was so fun to eat on the pottery that we collect and to just enjoy each others company.

Oh, I almost forgot.. before our meal we ran by the studio where they sell their pottery out of and met Mr. McCarty himself. There has never been a cuter man (he reminded me a lot of my grandaddy Howard!) He was adorable in his Cole Haan's and his Ole Miss cap! He took pictures with us and laughed about all the jewelry we had on and I can by far say that I have a new friend!

If you ever have the chance to go visit in Merigold, please do! We had the best time eating lunch and just visiting the place where our favorite pottery comes from. Mama got a beautiful new piece for her birthday that she is getting made into a lamp for our house! I picked out my Christmas piece and I can't wait for it to be at my house! :)

If you need a tour guide because you might get lost on the way down there, hit me up! :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Dear Mama,

     You know I'm not a card person so I thought a blog post would be a better gift. You have no idea how much you mean to not only our entire family but especially to ME. You are my best friend and the person that I have to talk to every day. I know that I wouldn't be the person that I am today if it wasn't for the love and care that you and Daddy have given me! 
Happy 58th birthday, lady!

McCarty Sale-Band trips-roast on Sunday afternoons- You being with me when I gave my heart to Christ- New York trips- Mi Pueblo dates-going to eat every Monday when I was at Ole Miss-piano lessons- Senior Night @ North Pontotoc- Little Africa- Southaven Weekends with Linda- Disney World- Being the best Nonna to Harper- yelling at me for my driving habits- Ladies' Luncheon at church- all of my friend's weddings- getting lost in the ghetto/always- decorating for Christmas-The Red Door (Saturdays)- Gulf Shores- Goodwill- Double Decker- My love for Ole Miss- That spanking that you tricked me in to- Grey's Anatomy- Diet Coke-Visiting bathrooms- The Amish- nail polish-wrecks in your new car- When you got Facebook- Fireworks at Christmas (Mom's)- Rolling Yards- Church Every Sunday- Praying me through Montana- retirement celebration at University Club.-BUNCO- Family Reunions- Cousin Christmas Lunch-Sandi Patty Concert- Graduation Day from OLE MISS- telling me to take life day by day-You always remember birthdays and to send cards-Our love for babies- fall festivals- shopping EVERY weekend- Ronaldo bracelets- First Baptist Days- McCalisters-Those crazy people who ate eggs on the airplane-my sick days when I was born-Visiting Adam at the fire department-Mrs. Sandy (hair days)-Hobby Lobby- Laughing till it hurts- Fire Department suppers- your positive outlook- Days celebrating YOU!

These 58 memories/reasons why you are so special were easy to come up with. I love that you love your Lord, your family and most of all you love life! You've taught me for 24 years to take life by the horns and to live every minute completely. I love your attitude and your genuine care for other people!

Hope your birthday has been wonderful!