Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Dear Mama,

     You know I'm not a card person so I thought a blog post would be a better gift. You have no idea how much you mean to not only our entire family but especially to ME. You are my best friend and the person that I have to talk to every day. I know that I wouldn't be the person that I am today if it wasn't for the love and care that you and Daddy have given me! 
Happy 58th birthday, lady!

McCarty Sale-Band trips-roast on Sunday afternoons- You being with me when I gave my heart to Christ- New York trips- Mi Pueblo dates-going to eat every Monday when I was at Ole Miss-piano lessons- Senior Night @ North Pontotoc- Little Africa- Southaven Weekends with Linda- Disney World- Being the best Nonna to Harper- yelling at me for my driving habits- Ladies' Luncheon at church- all of my friend's weddings- getting lost in the ghetto/always- decorating for Christmas-The Red Door (Saturdays)- Gulf Shores- Goodwill- Double Decker- My love for Ole Miss- That spanking that you tricked me in to- Grey's Anatomy- Diet Coke-Visiting bathrooms- The Amish- nail polish-wrecks in your new car- When you got Facebook- Fireworks at Christmas (Mom's)- Rolling Yards- Church Every Sunday- Praying me through Montana- retirement celebration at University Club.-BUNCO- Family Reunions- Cousin Christmas Lunch-Sandi Patty Concert- Graduation Day from OLE MISS- telling me to take life day by day-You always remember birthdays and to send cards-Our love for babies- fall festivals- shopping EVERY weekend- Ronaldo bracelets- First Baptist Days- McCalisters-Those crazy people who ate eggs on the airplane-my sick days when I was born-Visiting Adam at the fire department-Mrs. Sandy (hair days)-Hobby Lobby- Laughing till it hurts- Fire Department suppers- your positive outlook- Days celebrating YOU!

These 58 memories/reasons why you are so special were easy to come up with. I love that you love your Lord, your family and most of all you love life! You've taught me for 24 years to take life by the horns and to live every minute completely. I love your attitude and your genuine care for other people!

Hope your birthday has been wonderful! 



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This post is so sweet!

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