Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm an Influenster.

When I started blogging I never knew what opportunities that it would bring to my life. I love being asked to write reviews for products, being able to get Christmas cards in the mail from people that I met online through blogging and getting to meet people who are from the same state/country as I am and getting to see their lives online.

Some people think it's weird and that is FINE with me! I love being able to be in 50 different states through blogpost and seeing how people are completely different than I am.

Now.. I am an influenster and that's a website/group that allows bloggers and social media fanatics the opportunity to review products for FREE. It's so much fun to get boxes in the mail and some new free products to enjoy to boot.

Items in my Box: 
Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Color- This color was a BEAUTIFUL color red and I can't wait to try it out--just in time for Christmas! This girl can NEVER have too many colors of nail polish.

Goody Athletique Hairband- Now, let it be said that I am not athletic by any means. I do love to take an occasional walk but I definitely need to get in the habit of working out/exercising every day! This will be perfect to put my hair up, out of my face and it has a comfort panel that makes it so soft while walking or running.  

Soy Joy- These little bars are the perfect size for a yummy snack. I'm not a big granola bar fan so these weren't wondeful to me but I think if you love a snack on the go, it's truly worth a shot. 

Goody Quikstyle Paddle Brush- What a cool idea! This brush has sponge-like features so that when you brush your hair after showering, the dry-time is faster. How genius! I will be using this daily to help cut down drying time for my hair.

Thanks influenster for letting my try more goodies that I am now a fan of! 
Keep these boxes coming! :)