Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Remembering 2013.

Peach State of Mind

Let's keep going on the memory train for 2013, shall we?

My sweet Harper got attacked by a HUGE dog at my apartment. I'm still bitter. For the record, if your dog attacks another and SAID dog has to go to the vet, please pay the vet bill!

Photo: My day is made! Dexter McCluster, you were worth getting kicked off the field! Hotty toddy! @caitlynk02

I almost got kicked off the football field for this one, but Dexter.. You were worth it! Meet the Rebels was a great time and it heightened my excitement for the 2013 season!

Photo: Still going strong at Relay! In memory of all those who aren't with us! I'm relaying for my Grandaddy Howard and Grandmother Edna!               

I participated in Relay for Life with my sweet teacher friends from school! I relayed in memory of Grandma and Grandaddy Howard! It was such a neat experience and made me remember all the people that have lost their lives to cancer.

Photo: These teachers are jumping for joy that school is out!
These teachers were jumping for joy that it was summer! I just LOVE the last day of school!

Photo: Welcome to my new balcony! Visit anytime! My brother found that cute white shelf for me. :) #picstitch
I spent a day of summer to decorate my patio! I knew that hot summer days would be nice for spending out here! :)
Photo: The beach is my happy place! Love the salty air!

Hello, Paradise!!
Photo: Happy {wedding} celebration to Sam and Theresa! ❤ #pattoncousins
Our family celebrated Sam and Theresa's wedding celebration. So happy for them still and can't wait to see them Friday night for CHRISTMAS!

Lauren Patton
June 17
No sir.. We are not all fired up in the state of Mississippi.

I almost lost my life by cause of this Facebook status when State won in Omaha. I know a good rival when I see one!

Photo: Met Miss Sarah Kate today! I think her Aunt Shell might be a little crazy about her, too!
Met Miss Sarah Kate! She was the most precious thing!


Hello, family reunion time!

Will and Ashley got HITCHED!

Nick and Hannah got hitched! :)

Oh, this link-up makes me happy! People..... I am BLESSED!
So happy to share my memories with you!