Monday, December 23, 2013

Remembering 2013

Peach State of Mind

Here we go... I just love sharing my life with you!

Photo: Keep Calm and play Bunco! Thanks for coming to Southaven, Y'all!

I had a great time when my Bunco ladies came to Southaven! We had a great time and after, many of us went shopping. I love having people in my apartment and sharing my home with so many other people.

Photo: And... Harper is 4 today! She's had a mini party this morning! :)

Harper turned 4. This little lady is the sweetest thing!

Photo: Hello, class of 2007! Loved seeing these ladies!
A group of our high school girls celebrated Erika's wedding with a beautiful reception at the Oaks Country Club. I just loved re-connecting with these girls! High school days were some good days for us!
Photo: {Bye, bye gallbladder!} 
Best say "buh bye" to her gallbladder! I'm so glad I went to see her before!
Photo: So happy for Hutch and Carlye! Y'all are so precious and I wish y'all the best! Thanks for letting me be a part of your day! #hailstatewedding

Carlye and Hutch got hitched! It was a beautiful day celebrating them even if it was covered in Mississippi State stuff. :)

Photo: Open House 2013 was a success! Welcome to Ms. Patton's room..✏

Our school had open house for the beginning of school! Twas my journey as a kindergarten teacher. It has been a joy so far!

Photo: //Bodock festival 2013//

I enjoyed Bodock Festival with my mama! Nothing like a small town feel to begin the Fall season. 

Photo: Ole' Ronaldo comes to Southaven. Seriously y'all.. The sweetest Man! #foundaChristmaspresent

Met Mr. Ronaldo, himself, again! He is such a great jewelry designing man!

Photo: Life was good in Oxford today!  2-0 BABY! #hottytoddy

Started off Football season right- In the Grove with my friends! The season had only begun!

My year has been one wild and fun crazy ride. I can't wait to finish it up soon! I love reading about your year in recap fashion too! Get busy people! :)