Thursday, January 30, 2014

Get ready to Spend some Money.

Hey friends! I am trying to play catch-up with all of my teaching, Grad School, selling clothes and such on Facebook and just living so my blog has suffered and I'm sorry. *I felt like I had to.

So, today I am sharing some of my favorite new "local" businesses who I found on Facebook and love their products. I am hoping that by sharing them you will find some products that you love and love giving as well.

Shall we begin?

from the Mississippi Delta has some beautiful pieces of artwork.  I was looking through Facebook one night and saw her art and fell in love. Her pottery is so rustic and full of life that it would go great with McCarty of Peter's Pottery which is known in the South. I am a collector and LOVE it. 

Cotton Bowl Magnet, Owl Magnet, Colonel Reb pottery, Football Platter, and Ole Miss Coasters.

Isn't this stuff adorable! Check out her pottery page on Facebook and buy lots from her! I think we'll be seeing her art for a LONG time!

These adorable Door Hangers, Christmas ornaments and fun decor items are available NOW! Made in Oxford Mississippi these items are too much fun! I ADORE the Double Decker bus and must have one SOON! Isn't it the cutest? You can't beat all of their Colonel Reb, Ole Miss art and it will show your Rebel pride for sure! Check them out on Facebook and support their precious art!

Double Decker Bus, Colonel Reb Ornament, Chevron Mississippi, and scarecrow.

These local and private business make my heart happy! I love helping people grow their art and sharing their pieces to those that are always looking for gift ideas and fun things to add to their own decor.

If you know of any other AWESOME business that you want me to review.. let me know!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR! {just a little late}

Wow! I hate that I am just now writing about my favorite time of the year. Sometimes I feel bad for not writing but this just proves that I have been soaking up family and friends and making memories and I WON'T be sorry for that, ever!

So, our Christmas started out with LOTS of family and get togethers. For the first time in several years, my brother didn't have to work Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so we got to be normal (kinda) for once. On Christmas Day, we woke up and saw what SANTA had brought us. Let me just say that I am one blessed girl. My parents have always given us way more than we ever deserve and they sacrifice so that we can have a wonderful Christmas! 

My grandmother and Adam's gf BreAnna came over and we had Christmas morning breakfast which has always been breakfast casserole and muffins, etc. YUMMY! (now I want some). We just had a good day together and that night some of us went to see Madea's Christmas.. It was hilarious to say the least. I haven't laughed that hard in a longggg time. 

During the close to two weeks that I was off of work, we shopped, ate way too much food and enjoyed being together. Christmas break is my favorite for a reason, people! 

New Years weekend was spent in Nashville with my Mama, brother, BreAnna and her mama. We had a great time shopping at the Opry Mills Mall, eating at some new places that I fell in love with, and you know.. watching my Rebels win the bowl game!

The trip started off with a wreck for Bre and her mama but soon we were on our way. The rest of the pictures are self-explanatory.  One of my favorite memories of the game was getting to see Mags! Her dad is a huge Georgia Tech fan so we got to meet up and re-connect. It was such a fun game! #hottytoddy  On our way home we saw an antique shop on the side of the road. Let me tell y'all, I was in HEAVEN. This man had I kid you not 45 rooms of JUNK... I found an egg basket and a blue mason jar that I have been wanting. So fun!

Another New Year Celebration came and went. Merle, Caitlyn and I went to Oxford and counted down the NY. So fun!

Just a little video to show you how our NYE was spent! :)

Last Christmas celebration was with our ladies in our family. We got together, ate a lovely meal, played some games and opened presents playing Dirty Santa. These ladies mean the world to me! And the one on the couch, YES she is normal.. Kinda. :)

And.. I turned 25! I'm looking for a blessed year again! 
God is SO, SO good! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Halfway to Fifty BIRTHDAY!


I'm half way to 50, y'all! 

Today has been such a blessing! I've been shown over and over again How much people truly care. Just a simple "happy birthday" has been wonderful! Birthdays on Facebook are so much fun! Hearing from people whom I haven't talked to in years is awesome. It makes me smile with each new notification. 

My Kinders made my day with the chocolate and cards! My free venti Starbucks didn't hurt either! I got a gift card to my favorite Mexican restaurant and I can't wait to use it. 


After school, I came home and got some work done. My parents, brother, and BreAnna came to celebrate my birthday and I couldn't wait to spend my birthday night with them! We went downtown to Kooky Kanucks and I had a wonderful, laid back birthday dinner. If you haven't eaten there, try it out!  Sweet parents got me the beautiful flowers and they look beautiful In my kitchen! 


I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me! Bring it on! 

I'm so blessed. So BLESSED! 

Party with friends... Coming up this weekend. :) 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Remembering 2013.. The End! :)

Peach State of Mind

Let's end this recap, shall we?
This year has been one for the books! Such a great, great year. I'm so extremely blessed!


Color Run with some teacher friends! The happiest 5k on Earth! If you have a chance, DO IT!

Photo: All teachers lead by example! Happy fall fun day! ❤️

We had Fall Fun Day at HLES. Of course the teachers had to show our kids how it's done!

Photo: Take your corndogs and get out of Oxford, LSU! Hotty toddy with love! Love my rebels! ❤️
Ole Miss beat LSU and I couldn't have been a happier Rebel fan! #hottytoddy

 Photo: What we thought was an engagement party turned into the WEDDING! Such a precious night on the Madison Hotel Rooftop ❤️
What we thought was an Engagement party turned into a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Amy and Evan got hitched! :)

Photo: Sweet family honoring Our Mom! She's our rock!

My Sweet Mom was honored at her church! Look at her go!


Mama celebrated her birthday at McCarty's in Merigold! We had a great day!

Photo: Sweet Maddie in her Uggs! I'm gonna miss this girl, her mama and our Mexican dates when they move!
 I had my last Mexican dinner date with this girl and her mama before they moved! I wish these people the BEST! :)

Photo: Pontotoc was booming today! So thankful our small town and it's Christmas Open House.. DECK THE HALLS

Did a little Christmas shopping @ Open House in Pontotoc!


Photo: Ya girl was on ESPN! That's Adam in the grey jacket beside me. Bre and her mama in the red... Mama was cold so she was sitting down. So happy my REBS won! Nashville, you rock! #hottytoddy #lovemyboys #espn
Music City Bowl made ya girl famous! HA! I made my ESPN debut.

Photo: Last one from today in Nashville... Remember that summer in Montana? Let's go back! @magsbizarrelife so glad SEC football brings us together time and time again!

I got to reunite with MAGS! LOVE this girl!

Photo: Loving our seats! ❤️ #hottytoddy

Music City Bowl and our wonderful seats! 

Harper had a BIG Christmas!

Photo: Annual Patton cousin Christmas picture!

Patton Christmas!

Photo: Days like Christmas party day, I am BEYOND THANKFUL for my wonderful assistant!  Thanks Swinford for all that you do!

Christmas party with my lovely assistant! She's the best!

Photo: Weekday friend meet ups are the best! Amy and Evan- your house is amazing! Thanks for my dinner tomorrow too! :) #oldroomies

I visited Amy and Evan in their new place! Sweet little Newlyweds!

Photo: //Christmas threw UP in my apartment! #lovethistimeofyear
Christmas threw up in my apartment!

 I can't WAIT to be in this sweet girls' wedding! Haley.. We are getting close!

2013 has been a year for the books!

2014.. BRING IT! :)

Happy New Year, y'all!