Thursday, February 20, 2014

What are you doing in my life, God?

keep looking.

So, ladies.. I just need to "vent/talk/tell you what's on my mind" for a minute. 

Bare with me, it's one of THOSE posts. I just got off the phone with the best and we just had a heart to heart about our lives and what God is doing through them. It does my soul good to have friends and family who can talk truth to me and we can discuss the current happenings of our lives together.
Isn't that fellowship, people?

I find myself these days asking God what he is up to because I know he's there, I'm just not sure what he has up his sleeves. I never want to doubt, I just want to know that he is still in control and that's my way to prove it to myself! I am THANKFUL for EVERYTHING that the Lord has done in my life and I know that he wants to make my dreams come true. BUT... in HIS time!

So for now, I must be patient and thank God for what he IS doing in this season of my life:

Sweet teacher friends, weekends with my family, trying new restaurants with friends, babies being born into this world that I get to love on, Grad School (the opportunity, not the work), my Kinders who challenge me to be a better person and a better teacher everyday, a mama who listens when I need to vent or share an exciting moment, Church friends and their encouragement and fellowship, project life, etc. etc. etc.

I am so blessed. God, show me how you are loving me and telling me to WAIT. Your plans are so much better than my dreams. I am daily trying to appreciate and look forward to what he has in his heart and plans. 

  Wait on Me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I never knew I could love a planner so much.

Raise your hand if you have heard of May Books/May Designs! I'm sure every hand is raised and that's always a good thing. When I first saw these, I knew that my chevron-loving heart needed this in the worst way! I'm a planner and love to write ideas and dates down and cross them off, etc. 

The designer of Maybooks was tired of using boring notebooks so she designed her own. She did a FABULOUS job because there are some of the cutest designs I have every seen in her collections. Her notebooks are well made and have the potential to be a conversation starter anyway that I take it. I love when people ask me about it and I can tell them the story of how and where I got the notebook/planner.

My planner is the black and white chevron with the monogram script on the front of the book. I LOVE it because it's MINE and no one can take it because of the monogram!

I am so thankful that this company believes in and supports bloggers and I can't wait to order many more products to show them how much I appreciate what they do. I think you need to order one NOW! 

Thank you, Maybooks!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

BlogBaton and Back to School...

:: Snow Day .. Fun Day ::

So.. Today is Thursday and we are BACK AT SCHOOL. I must be honest.. I wanted a Snow DAY forever and then two in a row was wonderful. I had plenty of Grad school work to keep me entertained but the extra time to work on them was nice! 

I did start getting a little "stir-crazy" on Wednesday because I was sick of sitting on the couch but then I remembered how many weeks I had been waiting on a day to do just that! 
Thank you Lord for knowing what we need, when we need it.

So, while I'm back at school and getting back to my "normal life", I am on The BlogBaton on Instagram today! Come follow theblogbaton on Instagram and see how the day goes! I'm not promising to keep you on the edge of your seat because I am a teacher and you know how that goes but I do promise to show you how my daily routine truly goes!

Hope you all come and join in on the fun! See you soon!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And you thought your kids were excited.

Our weather men have been crying wolf on the snow issue for weeks now! It was a beautiful moment this morning when I woke up, to my alarm, and my assistant had already texted me saying "go back to sleep- School cancelled!" I was the happiest person in my house! :)

But.. as luck would have it, I couldn't go back to sleep so at 8:30 I was up and ready for the day. I walked outside before all the crazies in my apartment complex got up and messed up the snow. I took pictures and celebrated the day off. All of the teacher friends were all over social media shouting hallelujah and that was FUN!

I did some odd jobs around the apartment and mostly relaxed and slept. I worked on some Grad school work but not nearly enough. I am really hoping for another snow day tomorrow so that I can get lots of work done and then my hope of snow days will be fulfilled for the year! 

Hope you and yours get lots of snow and rest tomorrow. Pray that your girl gets the same!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So, people. Today I want to tell you a little bit about my obsession...

   Are you ready? THRIFT SHOPPING! I love it with a passion. I love a good thrift store, yard-sale, and recently these re-sale pages on the Facebook. It's an obsession for real. I love finding a good deal or a piece of "someone's junk" and making it into something that I love.

Teaching is my profession but shopping is definitely my second job. Let me tell you, that first one doesn't support the 2nd. I need HELP! But anyway, I was just sitting here stressing about Grad School and thinking that I needed a break from work so this blog made it's way to my fingertips. I'm going to share some of my favorite thrifty works from the past few months and share them.

One of my childhood, (think pre-school) friends commented on an instagram picture of mine and said I should have my own show called "Lauren's Art of Thrifting" so that's where this came about. I now have my hashtag #laurensartofthrifting


This was my latest Goodwill purchase for $2.99. It's an old "Cars" toy rack and I took it and made into a shoe rack for my tiny closet. I was sick of shoes everywhere and this helped so much! I had two little kids fighting me for it in the checkout line though! 

Bre and I went antique junkin' and found this old pie safe! I want one of these like nobody's business but I just couldn't pay $100 for this one that was utterly falling apart. If you have one or know of someone who has one, let me know!

Excuse Leonardo! This chair was found at Goodwill and I took it home and my daddy helped me "spruce it up". I love it! By the end of this school year though, I'm sure another coat of spray paint will be needed. This is one of my favorite finds.

Ole Granny Ms. Patton's outfit came from Goodwill. You know, I secretly don't rock that mumu on the regular. Ha! I think being an old person looks good on me! :)

Not thrifted but oh. so. true!

What do y'all think of thrift shopping? I know it's not for everyone but at least go ONCE and see for yourself! You never know what you'll find!