Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And you thought your kids were excited.

Our weather men have been crying wolf on the snow issue for weeks now! It was a beautiful moment this morning when I woke up, to my alarm, and my assistant had already texted me saying "go back to sleep- School cancelled!" I was the happiest person in my house! :)

But.. as luck would have it, I couldn't go back to sleep so at 8:30 I was up and ready for the day. I walked outside before all the crazies in my apartment complex got up and messed up the snow. I took pictures and celebrated the day off. All of the teacher friends were all over social media shouting hallelujah and that was FUN!

I did some odd jobs around the apartment and mostly relaxed and slept. I worked on some Grad school work but not nearly enough. I am really hoping for another snow day tomorrow so that I can get lots of work done and then my hope of snow days will be fulfilled for the year! 

Hope you and yours get lots of snow and rest tomorrow. Pray that your girl gets the same!


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I appreciate the school breaks we've had because of this snow and ice!