Wednesday, February 5, 2014


So, people. Today I want to tell you a little bit about my obsession...

   Are you ready? THRIFT SHOPPING! I love it with a passion. I love a good thrift store, yard-sale, and recently these re-sale pages on the Facebook. It's an obsession for real. I love finding a good deal or a piece of "someone's junk" and making it into something that I love.

Teaching is my profession but shopping is definitely my second job. Let me tell you, that first one doesn't support the 2nd. I need HELP! But anyway, I was just sitting here stressing about Grad School and thinking that I needed a break from work so this blog made it's way to my fingertips. I'm going to share some of my favorite thrifty works from the past few months and share them.

One of my childhood, (think pre-school) friends commented on an instagram picture of mine and said I should have my own show called "Lauren's Art of Thrifting" so that's where this came about. I now have my hashtag #laurensartofthrifting


This was my latest Goodwill purchase for $2.99. It's an old "Cars" toy rack and I took it and made into a shoe rack for my tiny closet. I was sick of shoes everywhere and this helped so much! I had two little kids fighting me for it in the checkout line though! 

Bre and I went antique junkin' and found this old pie safe! I want one of these like nobody's business but I just couldn't pay $100 for this one that was utterly falling apart. If you have one or know of someone who has one, let me know!

Excuse Leonardo! This chair was found at Goodwill and I took it home and my daddy helped me "spruce it up". I love it! By the end of this school year though, I'm sure another coat of spray paint will be needed. This is one of my favorite finds.

Ole Granny Ms. Patton's outfit came from Goodwill. You know, I secretly don't rock that mumu on the regular. Ha! I think being an old person looks good on me! :)

Not thrifted but oh. so. true!

What do y'all think of thrift shopping? I know it's not for everyone but at least go ONCE and see for yourself! You never know what you'll find!