Thursday, February 20, 2014

What are you doing in my life, God?

keep looking.

So, ladies.. I just need to "vent/talk/tell you what's on my mind" for a minute. 

Bare with me, it's one of THOSE posts. I just got off the phone with the best and we just had a heart to heart about our lives and what God is doing through them. It does my soul good to have friends and family who can talk truth to me and we can discuss the current happenings of our lives together.
Isn't that fellowship, people?

I find myself these days asking God what he is up to because I know he's there, I'm just not sure what he has up his sleeves. I never want to doubt, I just want to know that he is still in control and that's my way to prove it to myself! I am THANKFUL for EVERYTHING that the Lord has done in my life and I know that he wants to make my dreams come true. BUT... in HIS time!

So for now, I must be patient and thank God for what he IS doing in this season of my life:

Sweet teacher friends, weekends with my family, trying new restaurants with friends, babies being born into this world that I get to love on, Grad School (the opportunity, not the work), my Kinders who challenge me to be a better person and a better teacher everyday, a mama who listens when I need to vent or share an exciting moment, Church friends and their encouragement and fellowship, project life, etc. etc. etc.

I am so blessed. God, show me how you are loving me and telling me to WAIT. Your plans are so much better than my dreams. I am daily trying to appreciate and look forward to what he has in his heart and plans. 

  Wait on Me.