Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So, I've been a Teacher for 3 years and there is nothing that makes my skin crawl like a bully. I can't stand to see someone get made fun of for something that they have done, what they look like, or what they can't do. Oh, it's making me mad just thinking about it. This leads me to my blog post today.

Sunday while we were doing our usual weekend catch up in Sunday School, a lady asked for prayer for a certain school in our area. They (the Superintendent) had sent out a letter to parents, etc. about a new App that was ruining their schools closeness and social outlook. Students were adding YikYak to their daily lives and it was ruining friendships all over the school. 

Now, in defense of the app, it was not designed to be a negative effect on people who cross it's path. But, in reality, that is exactly what it has become. I am not saying that all people who use this app are participating in negativity but watch out if you are a parents and make sure that your kids are not.  

Teaching Kindergarten I do not see this meanness as much as the higher grades but believe me, it is there! I see students not picking some students because they can't run fast or because they have boogers in their nose and that is NASTY! I love being able to sit them down and talk to them about people's differences in the world. Oh, it has my heart!

Let your kids be little and let them figure out friendships and people on their own. But, make sure that they are exploring life safely and are friendly in the process!

People throw rocks at things that shine. Don't ever give up, even if words by others attempt to put you down.


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bullying makes me so sad. good to stand up to it, girl.