Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My happy place.

Do you have one of those places that just makes your heart happy? That's OXFORD for me! Every time I drive in, my heart skips a beat! This weekend=Double Decker 2014.  Best and I drove in for a little while and braved the thousands of people and the HEAT.. I won't live this summer!

It's always so good to see friends and family along the way and to enjoy Oxford for what is has! It's such a pretty town and all the people that you know and love are in one place. What could be better than that?  Next year, come join won't you?

That cookie (Double Doozie) was totally worth the wait. Kelli's Cakery is a friend of mine who has just started her own bakery and it is amazing! Her cookies/cupcakes/cakes, etc. are awesome and totally worth every calorie. Check them out if you are ever in Oxford.

Which... DUH! This post is going to make you go ASAP!

After Double Decker, my 2nd brother married the love of his life, Holly. Their wedding was very laid back and a fun time was had.

And just for fun.. Who is this that showed up from the Hangover?! 

Photo: Look who came to the wedding!!  ITS ALAN!!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend '14 + Some

This weekend was pretty perfect! Lots of family and friend time!

Don't you just love Easter with your kiddos before you leave school?

Thursday after school, I drove home and went to one of my favorite places, Swayze Field and saw my Rebs play a little baseball. We ended up loosing at the end but it was a beautiful night and was lots of fun. My brother, who by the way, didn't even really want to go was fan of the game, got on the jumbo tron and won a $100 gift card. BLAH!

Friday, we relaxed and hung around town. That night Caitlyn invited me to Secret Church and it was AMAZING! I highly recommend you to go if you are ever given the chance. It lasted from 6 pm-12 am so we were more than tired but it was totally worth the staying up for.

Then Saturday was chocked full of sunshine, front porch sittin' and research paper writing for grad school. It wasn't fun but at least it was beautiful outside and my little fur babies kept me company. I got a lot done and for that I am thankful.

Sunday was EASTER! Such a beautiful day in my life. It's the day that I was baptized on and it always holds a beautiful, special place in my heart. I love rejoicing with my church family and praising God for all that he has done in this little ole' heart of mine. Family time is such a fun time too!

Sunday, I came back home and picked up my new balcony happy. I can't wait to have a pretty green yard to put it in one day.

let me know if you want one! :)

And for good measure.. today is Earth day and my class listened to the Ray Charles' Song 
"What a Wonderful World". Then we made a class book that let the student's illustrate the words of the song. It was adorable and everyone got to do their own thing. Teaching is really rewarding, people. That pay raise going into effect today is making me ONE happy lady!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Short and sweet.

So, I have some stress in my life and grad school is the MAIN culprit! Please pray that I can get all of these assignments done and make a passing grade at that.

People.. God is good and sends the exact words that I need. I'm definitely a words person when it comes to my love language and the sweetest lady from my church sent me a positive letter today that absolutely made my night. God knows exactly what we need, when we need it. 

Hope y'all are ready for a wonderful weekend full of rejoicing that Jesus is ALIVE and spending time with those whom he gave you!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's a busy, busy time.

Hey y'all! I hate that I can't update this space of mine more often. Just be patient and understanding! :)

This weekend has been SO much fun and utterly exhausting at the same time. I feel like I have driven 200 miles in two days and it's so tiring. I definitely wouldn't trade these days for anything though. This conversation has come up many times in the past few weeks about how my singleness and availability is wonderful right now. 

Starting on Thursday, I had to drive home for an appointment and it worked out great because my "sister" Tiny Ann made her debut at the Womanless beauty review. My brother had mentioned that he was doing this for a great cause, Relay for Life, and asked would I help him get ready. Now.. I have always wanted a sister but this isn't quite what I was thinking. :)

He was on duty so I thought that his driver did a very nice thing by opening his door to go back to the station. HAHA!

Then came Friday-- My kiddos were crazy at school but God love them, they knew it was the weekend! Caitlyn and I met for dinner at Old Venice and enjoyed walking around the square. I can't wait for plenty of Oxford nights this summer!

I just LOVE those cute Double Decker cups I picked up at The Lily Pad on the square! They have the cutest stuff available and it makes me excited for DD. While we are on the subject of Ole Miss and Oxford, that book needs to make it's way to my collection PRONTO! I flipped through it in Square Books Jr. and decided right then and there that I need it. 

Little Harper decided to have a little accident outside yesterday so an early weekend bath suited her just right. She's such a little stinker (no pun intended). Bre Anna and I were first in line for the Oxford Consignment sale yesterday. She found some great deals and I love going each year to see what they have. 

We had a roommate reunion yesterday at Newks. It was great meeting up with everybody and meeting little Levi. Brittany in the top right is preggo with Cora Jo and we can't wait to meet her sweet self too.
Meagan and I ended our day together with Baskin Robbins... Its the best way to end a celebration! :)

I am SO blessed and tell myself this often. Please pray that these next few months of Grad school will go by quickly. I'm tired of always having things to do and no time to do them.

SUMMER.. please hurry! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The night I slept in my car.

All for POTTERY people! McCarty Pottery.. My favorite!

My mama, Mrs. Leslie and I drove down on Saturday around lunch to set up camp and sit for a good 24+ hours so that we could buy Mississippi Mud AKA Pottery... Yes, we are crazy and I don't need you telling me that.

We sat in our chairs, shopping downtown, ate a good supper and used a "real" bathroom, not a porta potty for the last time! It was glorious! You realize what you take for granted on this weekend, for sure! HA! We always meet so many new people and you see lots of old friends as well. :)

This was our group right before going in! Don't we look horrible?! We were burning up that morning and right before we went in, it turned freezing cold and started raining. HORRIBLE! 
We didn't let that get us down and we were ready to RUMBLE.

This is the inside of what we are crazy people for EVERY year! I love that I caught Bre holding up pottery to see if I want it. Y'all, it is mass confusion in this place and I love that when you get here you are so excited that your tiredness goes out the window.

We made it home with all of these beauties and called it a success for another year!

Come with next year?