Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend '14 + Some

This weekend was pretty perfect! Lots of family and friend time!

Don't you just love Easter with your kiddos before you leave school?

Thursday after school, I drove home and went to one of my favorite places, Swayze Field and saw my Rebs play a little baseball. We ended up loosing at the end but it was a beautiful night and was lots of fun. My brother, who by the way, didn't even really want to go was fan of the game, got on the jumbo tron and won a $100 gift card. BLAH!

Friday, we relaxed and hung around town. That night Caitlyn invited me to Secret Church and it was AMAZING! I highly recommend you to go if you are ever given the chance. It lasted from 6 pm-12 am so we were more than tired but it was totally worth the staying up for.

Then Saturday was chocked full of sunshine, front porch sittin' and research paper writing for grad school. It wasn't fun but at least it was beautiful outside and my little fur babies kept me company. I got a lot done and for that I am thankful.

Sunday was EASTER! Such a beautiful day in my life. It's the day that I was baptized on and it always holds a beautiful, special place in my heart. I love rejoicing with my church family and praising God for all that he has done in this little ole' heart of mine. Family time is such a fun time too!

Sunday, I came back home and picked up my new balcony happy. I can't wait to have a pretty green yard to put it in one day.

let me know if you want one! :)

And for good measure.. today is Earth day and my class listened to the Ray Charles' Song 
"What a Wonderful World". Then we made a class book that let the student's illustrate the words of the song. It was adorable and everyone got to do their own thing. Teaching is really rewarding, people. That pay raise going into effect today is making me ONE happy lady!