Thursday, May 22, 2014

I hope YOU dance.

Wooden Sign- Pallet Art: "I hope you dance" on Etsy, $42.00

My, my, my! It has been forever since I've blogged. I can't wait to blog about what all has happened in my life lately. Just be patient and it'll happen. :) Moving schools and moving back home may be a few of the details! 

Today I want to talk about dancing. Now, I love a good dance session but that's not exactly what I am talking about. I'll never forget when I was in Middle School the song by Lee Ann Womack came out and my mother fell in love. I was going through some stomach issues and didn't want to do anything because I was in pain. It was bad, people and she used this song to break through. Instead of sulking and laying around, she wanted me to hang out with friends, spend the night at people's homes, have fun but not dwell on what was wrong.

Dancing when you think you can't or don't want to, that's important people. Get out of your comfort zone, who cares what others think about your actions.. Do what makes you happy and Free. 

Tomorrow is my last day with my Kinders and to say that I am SAD is an understatement. I know that these babies have learned so much this year, how to be a friend, how to sit on the carpet, etc. but I want them to learn their life lessons from Miss Patton most of all. I want them to feel loved and know that when they don't feel loved that I am here for them. But.. most of all I want them to know that I believe in them and that when they aren't sure what to do:
I hope they dance!


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