Monday, June 30, 2014

The End of the beginning.

Hello again! I'm back today to talk about apartment living and the progress that I made before moving out of my first "big girl" apartment. I loved living by myself for 3 years and being able to decorate my house exactly like I wanted it. It was my place to rest and be myself and I'm so thankful that I was able to live there.

Southaven was a lot of things for me. It was a dream come true(insert story). When I was in middle school, my mama, cousin Linda, and I would go to Memphis on shopping excursions often and I was always so amazed at how "awesome" life was here. It was a much bigger city than anywhere around Pontotoc, and it had so much to offer. I just made the comment one day that I would live in Memphis or Southaven one day as a single girl, and teach. Well, I did that didn't I?

Southaven was also a time for me to get out of my comfort zone and learn what being an adult actually meant. I had very little worries, I took out my first loan.. and paid it off, and I saw that I could get through anything with the help of my friends and family. It was so much fun for the 3 years that I was there and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Southaven  was also where my first three years in the classroom were spent and it was  challenging, fun, exciting and a great learning experience for me! God had me there for a reason to love on some really challenging kids. He also gave me lots of different classroom experiences so that I knew where I was comfortable and where I fit in the best. He's a good God!

... This has totally gone into a sentimental post! I'm so lucky to have had these experiences. Now back to the Apartment Tour.

Before I left Southaven, I took pictures of my apartment and it amazed me how much it changed from this post. I added a lot of treasures from thrift shopping and made it my own. But, I must say, packing all these treasures up have not been fun.

I loved having something cute on my door for every occasion! This is the entryway as your came into my apartment. I kept my keys, Harper's leashes and a flashlight having there, just in case!

My super, roomy kitchen that never got the love that it deserved. I am not a cook but I sure loved making this room feel special. I had tons of counter/cabinet space and it's a good thing I did with all of the dishes/accessories that I had. I found some paintings at a yard sale that fit my style and that white cabinet over there held most of my bigger McCarty pieces and platters. The cabinet was a Craigslist find and got some love by painting from me and the parentals. 

My living area was where I spent the most time. Most of my furniture came from thrift/antique stores and I loved having pieces that were not matchy-matchy and were unique. My mantel was probably most most favorite thing in the house-- I loved decorating for each holiday. I started a cross wall and quickly fell in love with it too. The last picture is the balcony that I loved but it was always either too hot or too cold to really enjoy it. 

This was my extra bedroom that a many of friends and family have slept on! I'm so thankful that I was able to share my "home" with so many people. :)

My bedroom included my favorite furniture piece that I own. My armoire that I found on Craigslist and that I know will ALWAYS been in whatever home I am in. I love it that much! My style included lots of thrifting pieces and lots of green. I will eventually paint this furniture but it went with my pillows included in my bedding. 

The last place to show you of my apartment is the laundry room. I had a very small room but it was perfect for my washer and dryer and my collection of Ole Miss prints! I had shelves above for storage and I got a lady from my church to make me curtains to add to the decor. 

I'm so glad that I took these pictures to remember how my first apartment was decorated and all the memories that I made in this place. I'm so excited to see how different my next home will be and believe me, y'all will be included in the journey!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Living with the 'rents.

After living on my "own" for three years, I have officially moved back in with my wonderful parents. You know during those college years when you are away during the week and you come home for most weekends, that's what I have been doing for about 7 years. It's been nice having my own place and being able to do what I want to do at any time. Coming home for the weekends have been wonderful as well.

After getting the new job, at Lafayette (which I need to blog about), I automatically started looking at houses to buy or rent and thought it would be a quick process! WRONG! I found tons that I loved but none that I could afford. PSA: Being a single, teacher in Mississippi.. Good luck to ya! 

Back to the story.. I (along with my parents) decided that it would be best for me to live with them for a while until I figured out what to do with myself. The transition from living by myself to living with them has not been hard at all. Just different. Everything is different now. I'm back in the room that I grew up in, hanging out watching television with my parents, and keeping up with grad school work like it's nobody's business.

I am SO thankful for parents who are so nice to welcome me back for a while and are very supportive in my search for bigger and better things. I know how lucky I am and I'm very grateful. I hope that I have a post soon with more details about my decorating my room and making it my own. 

We just never know where life will take us! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The beach has my heart. It's crazy to me that when you are there, the rest of the world disappears and everything is just fine.  We had a death in the family a week before and really wondered if it was going to happen but I'm glad it did and calmed everyone's soul.

This has always been a girls trip and we have so much fun staying up late, laying on the beach and eating at wonderful restaurants every night. Stay tuned for the recap-- It might be a long one! :)
I have you know that these bags are only for 2 people. We may or may not have over-packed! We drove the 5 hours that it took to get to Gulf Shores and checked out our condo for the week. We rested a few and then drove for our first good night of eating! We ate at the Original Oyster House and it was delicious!
The next morning we slept late (duh, it's vacation) and went straight to the beach! We stayed out there in the sand and sun for around 6 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I put sunscreen on 4 times but my whiteness just couldn't take it.. I was BURNT! When we came back in, I could barely move and my legs were on fire. It got worse and worse to the point that I had to sit on a towel to drive, restaurant chairs killed me and I was miserable! Take it from me, put sunscreen on EVERY hour!
TFIOS was a great book but I must say that very little reading was done on the beach. I was too relaxed and kept falling asleep and people watching! :) (Now I can't wait to see the movie).  If you follow me on Instagram, the pictures of the girls with that sweet boy, Drayden made my day. Drayden had a form of Autism and clung to our crew everyday. He was so sweet and loved to talk!
We went to Lulu's after the beach and Caitlyn came and ate supper with us. Her family was beachin' as well and she came for some girl time! I'm so glad we got to hang out for a while.
This lady is my best friend and I'm so thankful that we are able to go on this trip every year. You can tell by the way I'm standing that I was in some severe pain! 

Other places that we ate at for the week were The Hangout, Tacky Jacks, and Five Guys. I think eating at all of the fun, exciting places in one of my favorite parts of going to the beach. We went to the pool almost every night with the girls and walked on the beach the last night and looked for sand crabs and sea shells. On the last night before we go eat, we always take "beach pictures". 

I'm thankful for this family that God gave me and I'm happy that we can share time together and make memories every year in our favorite place! 

Beach- You were good to us! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

//What's In Your Bag?//

So, if someone asked you what you kept in your purse at all times.. What would you say? I know as women we feel the need to keep as much stuff as we can just in case! I have always loved purses and the bigger the better in my opinion.

My mother always complains about how heavy my purse is but I just don't see it that way. :)

When Erin from Credit Card Insider, asked me to write a post about what is in my purse, I thought it was a great idea to let people in to what I think is important to keep in your bag!

What's In Your Bag?
What's In Your Bag? by lil-patton on Polyvore

First off, this is one of my favorite purses that I own. It's a replica Louis Vuitton Never Full and I can't wait until the day that I cross the real purchase of one off of my bucket list. 

1.) Makeup Bag- It's from Forever 21! I found it and thought it was adorable so it holds all my lipstick, powder, germ-x, Poopourri (this stuff is the bomb.), etc. If you ever need anything, it's probably in this bag.

2.) This would be my taser- Living by myself, my father and I decided that I needed something to defend myself. I've luckily never had to use it but I keep it with me at all times. 

3.) Life Planner- MayBooks is my favorite company at the moment to get my planners from. I love writing down what I have on my agenda for the week/month and I love crossing things off of my to-do lists. 

4.) Sunglasses- Raybans! I'm so excited to get another pair this year from our beach vacation. They are the new tortoise wayfarers. I love that they are so versatile and go with every outfit. 

5.) Wallet- Another replica Louis Vuitton (I assume).. It came from Goodwill. I love the way that everything has pocket and all of my important things can go into this wallet with ease. Too bad the money is sparse in there...

6.) Keys- I love having something heavy on my keys because it allows for easy access to find them in my big purse. I try not to keep many things on my key ring so this makes it easy to find and easy to get in the car quicker for an adventure! 

I'm so glad that I was asked to do a post on what was in my bag. It's a great way to let you into my life and the small details that make my day! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Franks Wedding// Haley and Braxton

May 31, 2014 was a beautiful day for a wedding! 

After a night of eating the bride's favorite foods, a fun "lingerie shower", and staying up WAY too late, it was time for a fun day of getting hitched. Before I go on.. That cop up there was not really what you think it was. :) We had all teased Haley that we were going to "have fun" and she was totally against it. We called in our local policeman but nothing happened except for Haley being super embarrassed! 

One of my favorite things about wedding weekends is all the people that you get to catch up with. Emily flew in from D.C. and it was a reunion between Haley, Emily and I. Having all of these girls together and getting to know each other is so much fun in my opinion! Weddings just make me happy, happy, happy!

All the bridesmaids spent the night together and all woke up and ate cinnamon roles from Anna Beth's and spent some time together. We all went to the salon together and got our hair done for the wedding. Then, Haley had a sweet makeup artist come to the Ecru House and do all of our makeup for the big day. I walked in and immediately recognized this lady.  

I think it is so neat to "know" people when you see them because of the blogging community. She did a great job with our make-up and was so sweet to Haley! 

All week there had been a chance of rain that we all prayed for over and over again would go away! All day we watched the weather and it was looking promising for us! It was sunny and beautiful and HOT! We took pictures outside and it was just a perfect day so far. I think we all went and sat in front of the fan until time for the wedding to start. 

About an hour before the 6:00 wedding, we toasted our "sparkling cider" to the bride and had a prayer time circling her and wishing her and Braxton a beautiful wedding and also to ask once again to hold the rain off for Haley's big moment! 

The wedding was beautiful went off without a hitch and just as all of the bridal party was walking inside the Ecru House for the reception, the rain came! It poured and poured but everyone was inside and life was good! Isn't our GOD a great God to let Haley's big moment happen just the way she wanted. It was a beautiful reception and Haley and Braxton had tons of friends and family there to celebrate with them!

I LOVED this setup in the reception! Gift table was gorgeous! 

 This girl, Erica was the Maid of Honor and she did a fabulous job planning the special weekend. Thanks for opening up your home for us, Erica. I can't wait to hang out soon! 

The Three Amigos were back together! It was so fun having Emily HOME from D.C. and I love doing life with these girls. I am so thankful for our time together at Ole Miss and I'm super excited to be closer to Haley now with my new job! Emily, I'm gonna need you to tell that boy you married to move you home! :)

(Trent's Portrait Design)-- He's the best! :)

Hotty Toddy! 


Thank you so much for letting me share in your special day! It was beautiful and so were you!  I still remember us sitting in Mi Pueblo that night and you telling me that you were going to marry him! I'm so glad that you found that boy whom your soul has always longed for and I can't wait to see where your lives take you! Love you long time.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Day in the Life: {Lauren Style}

Rachel Rewritten

Hey Y'all! Most of y'all may know but just in case you don't, I'm Lauren and I'm a Kindergarten teacher in Oxford, Mississippi! Ah! How fun to say that now. 

Since it's summer and I'm not doing on my normal every day schedule (Thank Goodness) I'm going to share with you what my Thursday looked like. 

I'm pretty much on the road for the most part this summer. This morning I got up early(for me) and drove to Oxford to begin my day. I ran by and signed some papers at my "new school" and then had time to do a little thrift shopping at Goodwill.

Newk's Eatery

I ate lunch at one of my favorite places. If you have never eaten there or if its been a while, GO now! I just love their grilled chicken sandwiches.

Next stop was our favorite bakery, Kelli's Cakes. This lady makes some of the most tempting deserts. This baby to the right is called a Double Doozies and it is fabulous. I'm pretty sure I gain 30 pounds by just looking at it. YOLO, right?

The last excursion of my day in Oxford was looking for a house. This has turned out to be much more stressful than I thought. Please pray that God would plant the perfect house (and guy for that matter) in my lap and we will call it a day! Ha!

The rest of my day will consist of a Cold water challenge, something yummy for supper and REBEL BASEBALL. Praying that my boys win another one and keep the winning streak going. I am so proud of them no matter what. (okay, way off topic.)

I'm so thankful for my job of teaching little minds and I really enjoy my summer time being off of work too! I'm so glad that you let me share my day with you and I can't wait to read more about yours as well.

Friday, June 6, 2014


It's Friday! Aren't Fridays in the Summer just the best?

I think so...

1. I confess that this week has shown me to savor every moment of every day. Tuesday we got awful news that my cousin Nikki had died suddenly while staying with her sick mother at the hospital. It has really rocked our family and her husband and 10 year old daughter still need lots of prayers for the days to come. It was totally unexpected and such a shock to the entire family. Please spend every moment in the days ahead doing what you want and need to do. Family and friends should be our favorite pastime. 

(our beach picture from last year.)

2.) I confess that summer has been good to me so far. I've kept busy with grad school work, re-decorating my room at my parent's house (that story will be up soon) and having dinner with friends. I can't wait to see some pool time soon! 

3.) I confess that blogging has taken a back burner in my life for the past 2 months and that's about to change. I'm working on finding someone to give me a blog update and if you have ANY suggestions to who could do something that will make me smile, send ya girl an email. I'm thinking a new design, etc. will make this lady more eager to blog more. 

4.) I confess that I've got some posts that need to be up soon. ** New job update, moving back "home", Franks Wedding recap, etc. It's some exciting weeks ahead, my dears.  Sneak peak..

5.) I confess that in 5 days I will have my toes in the sand. I won't be blogging then so if any of you lovelies would like to guest post, please email me. I have no preference to what you can talk about so that should make life easy for you! ;)

Hope y'all are enjoying every minute of summer!