Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The beach has my heart. It's crazy to me that when you are there, the rest of the world disappears and everything is just fine.  We had a death in the family a week before and really wondered if it was going to happen but I'm glad it did and calmed everyone's soul.

This has always been a girls trip and we have so much fun staying up late, laying on the beach and eating at wonderful restaurants every night. Stay tuned for the recap-- It might be a long one! :)
I have you know that these bags are only for 2 people. We may or may not have over-packed! We drove the 5 hours that it took to get to Gulf Shores and checked out our condo for the week. We rested a few and then drove for our first good night of eating! We ate at the Original Oyster House and it was delicious!
The next morning we slept late (duh, it's vacation) and went straight to the beach! We stayed out there in the sand and sun for around 6 hours and enjoyed every minute of it. I put sunscreen on 4 times but my whiteness just couldn't take it.. I was BURNT! When we came back in, I could barely move and my legs were on fire. It got worse and worse to the point that I had to sit on a towel to drive, restaurant chairs killed me and I was miserable! Take it from me, put sunscreen on EVERY hour!
TFIOS was a great book but I must say that very little reading was done on the beach. I was too relaxed and kept falling asleep and people watching! :) (Now I can't wait to see the movie).  If you follow me on Instagram, the pictures of the girls with that sweet boy, Drayden made my day. Drayden had a form of Autism and clung to our crew everyday. He was so sweet and loved to talk!
We went to Lulu's after the beach and Caitlyn came and ate supper with us. Her family was beachin' as well and she came for some girl time! I'm so glad we got to hang out for a while.
This lady is my best friend and I'm so thankful that we are able to go on this trip every year. You can tell by the way I'm standing that I was in some severe pain! 

Other places that we ate at for the week were The Hangout, Tacky Jacks, and Five Guys. I think eating at all of the fun, exciting places in one of my favorite parts of going to the beach. We went to the pool almost every night with the girls and walked on the beach the last night and looked for sand crabs and sea shells. On the last night before we go eat, we always take "beach pictures". 

I'm thankful for this family that God gave me and I'm happy that we can share time together and make memories every year in our favorite place! 

Beach- You were good to us! 


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I keep hearing about The Fault In Our Stars (or whatever it's called - I can't remember exactly haha) but it sounds soooo sad. I dont think I could ever read/watch it! However, I am soooo interested haha