Friday, June 20, 2014

Franks Wedding// Haley and Braxton

May 31, 2014 was a beautiful day for a wedding! 

After a night of eating the bride's favorite foods, a fun "lingerie shower", and staying up WAY too late, it was time for a fun day of getting hitched. Before I go on.. That cop up there was not really what you think it was. :) We had all teased Haley that we were going to "have fun" and she was totally against it. We called in our local policeman but nothing happened except for Haley being super embarrassed! 

One of my favorite things about wedding weekends is all the people that you get to catch up with. Emily flew in from D.C. and it was a reunion between Haley, Emily and I. Having all of these girls together and getting to know each other is so much fun in my opinion! Weddings just make me happy, happy, happy!

All the bridesmaids spent the night together and all woke up and ate cinnamon roles from Anna Beth's and spent some time together. We all went to the salon together and got our hair done for the wedding. Then, Haley had a sweet makeup artist come to the Ecru House and do all of our makeup for the big day. I walked in and immediately recognized this lady.  

I think it is so neat to "know" people when you see them because of the blogging community. She did a great job with our make-up and was so sweet to Haley! 

All week there had been a chance of rain that we all prayed for over and over again would go away! All day we watched the weather and it was looking promising for us! It was sunny and beautiful and HOT! We took pictures outside and it was just a perfect day so far. I think we all went and sat in front of the fan until time for the wedding to start. 

About an hour before the 6:00 wedding, we toasted our "sparkling cider" to the bride and had a prayer time circling her and wishing her and Braxton a beautiful wedding and also to ask once again to hold the rain off for Haley's big moment! 

The wedding was beautiful went off without a hitch and just as all of the bridal party was walking inside the Ecru House for the reception, the rain came! It poured and poured but everyone was inside and life was good! Isn't our GOD a great God to let Haley's big moment happen just the way she wanted. It was a beautiful reception and Haley and Braxton had tons of friends and family there to celebrate with them!

I LOVED this setup in the reception! Gift table was gorgeous! 

 This girl, Erica was the Maid of Honor and she did a fabulous job planning the special weekend. Thanks for opening up your home for us, Erica. I can't wait to hang out soon! 

The Three Amigos were back together! It was so fun having Emily HOME from D.C. and I love doing life with these girls. I am so thankful for our time together at Ole Miss and I'm super excited to be closer to Haley now with my new job! Emily, I'm gonna need you to tell that boy you married to move you home! :)

(Trent's Portrait Design)-- He's the best! :)

Hotty Toddy! 


Thank you so much for letting me share in your special day! It was beautiful and so were you!  I still remember us sitting in Mi Pueblo that night and you telling me that you were going to marry him! I'm so glad that you found that boy whom your soul has always longed for and I can't wait to see where your lives take you! Love you long time.


Rachel Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

I love this so much! Aren't wedding weekends just fabulous...they take up so much time but they are SO worthwhile :) You look gorgeous!

Haley Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

I love this!!! You are the sweetest LP! I was so happy to have you standing beside me on my big day. I love you and am so thankful for your friendship.