Monday, June 23, 2014

//What's In Your Bag?//

So, if someone asked you what you kept in your purse at all times.. What would you say? I know as women we feel the need to keep as much stuff as we can just in case! I have always loved purses and the bigger the better in my opinion.

My mother always complains about how heavy my purse is but I just don't see it that way. :)

When Erin from Credit Card Insider, asked me to write a post about what is in my purse, I thought it was a great idea to let people in to what I think is important to keep in your bag!

What's In Your Bag?
What's In Your Bag? by lil-patton on Polyvore

First off, this is one of my favorite purses that I own. It's a replica Louis Vuitton Never Full and I can't wait until the day that I cross the real purchase of one off of my bucket list. 

1.) Makeup Bag- It's from Forever 21! I found it and thought it was adorable so it holds all my lipstick, powder, germ-x, Poopourri (this stuff is the bomb.), etc. If you ever need anything, it's probably in this bag.

2.) This would be my taser- Living by myself, my father and I decided that I needed something to defend myself. I've luckily never had to use it but I keep it with me at all times. 

3.) Life Planner- MayBooks is my favorite company at the moment to get my planners from. I love writing down what I have on my agenda for the week/month and I love crossing things off of my to-do lists. 

4.) Sunglasses- Raybans! I'm so excited to get another pair this year from our beach vacation. They are the new tortoise wayfarers. I love that they are so versatile and go with every outfit. 

5.) Wallet- Another replica Louis Vuitton (I assume).. It came from Goodwill. I love the way that everything has pocket and all of my important things can go into this wallet with ease. Too bad the money is sparse in there...

6.) Keys- I love having something heavy on my keys because it allows for easy access to find them in my big purse. I try not to keep many things on my key ring so this makes it easy to find and easy to get in the car quicker for an adventure! 

I'm so glad that I was asked to do a post on what was in my bag. It's a great way to let you into my life and the small details that make my day! 


Danielle B Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

I love your post and esp the purse and wallet. the Goodwill is my best friend. and I'm def going to try putting something heavy on my keys I can never find them in my purse lol

brooke lyn Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

i always cram as many things in my purse that i 'might need' as possible. you just never know!

Rachel Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

Your purse contents look almost identical to mine!! That makeup bag is TOO cute and I've never gotten a Maybook, but I think I need one :)