Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gone too soon.


That's my age and I feel like I'm in the prime of my life. Not too young, not too old. 

I was working in my classroom at 5:30 on Monday afternoon when I got a text message that my good friend, Claire had passed away. I can't describe to you the feeling that came over me. I was breathless, speechless, and didn't know what to do. I automatically cut my lights off in my room and drove home. 

I walked inside and told my mama what happened and just broke down. How am I supposed to grasp that one of my close friends is gone and is never coming back? Y'all.. it's a SCARY thought! 

Claire was the epitome of fun! She was always ready for an adventure. She loved traveling and seeing the world and what it had to offer. She was a Summer Missionary most summers of our college years and LOVED telling people about her Jesus. I will always remember how excited she would get about spending her summer with people that she could love on.

Claire and I met at Itawamba Community College in 2007. We were in the same Co-Ed Bible study together and that's where our friendship took off. I loved how funny and sarcastic she always was! She always spoke her mind and told you just like it was. The picture above was taken our last year at ICC during our BSU end of the year party. Claire was always our picture taker and loved documenting every. single. memory.
**I'm so thankful for this now.

After we left ICC, Claire went to Starkville and I went to Oxford. We promised that we wouldn't lose touch and I'm so thankful that we didn't. She came to on our first football games as Ole Miss students and this picture happened! I'm so thankful that we had our rivalry fights and talks about why each of us chose the school that we did. She always told me my husband was at state! :)

This was the last time that I saw my sweet, Claire! Amy and Evan had their surprise wedding on top of the Madison Hotel and we celebrated together. I can't believe that this will be the last picture that I will ever take with her. 

From the first time that I met her, I knew that Claire was something special. I just hope she realizes what an impact she has made on all of our lives. Tonight as we gather at the church for her visitation, I know that many memories will be shared and her family will be loved on. I still can't believe that my friend is gone but I know for sure where she IS. 

God needed his smiling Claire much more than we did.

RIP, sweet Claire. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

// The right here and Now.//

This idea has been all over the internet and I'm just itching to try it out and see how it works for my blog. I love telling you and whoever will listen what's happening in my life and hopefully this will help do that! 

**I know that the label above needs to be changed and it will be eventually. It'll have to do for now. 

Currently I am...:

This CD is amazing. Be sure and check it out on iTunes. I heard this group during Secret Church and the song, "Man of Sorrows" has been on my replay. Let me know what you think!


I'm on a Jimmy Fallon kick! He is such a great late night show host. He has awesome celebrities and always holds my attention. I miss some Jay Leno but I'm glad he took his place. 


This book has been eye opening so far. It is amazing to see the sacrifices and choices that Jen makes in her life to show her love for Christ. She takes her life and turns it around to make him more known. I find myself highlighting and turning back pages on ideas that I love and would love to implement into my daily life. I think her words are powerful and need to be heard. I found the book on Amazon for cheap and I think everyone should at least read it to see what her ideas are about.


Thank goodness I'm not hungry at the moment but I could at any moment of the day eat chicken/french fries and plenty of Abners sauce from none-other, Abners. I think this meal would be my last if I were on death-row! 

My handy-dandy MK. I've been carrying all summer and it's time that I swapped. It's so easy to throw everything in and GO! I love the brown color too because it goes with any outfit. Am I a walking advertisement or what!?


I'm currently in the bed with a big t-shirt on. I don't think you want to see an elegant picture of that. 

Obsessed With:  

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, House hunting and furnishing a house, making my classroom look put together and ready for my sweet Kinders. Lots and Lots of things these days!

Currently.. I am very sad and heartbroken. 

Photo: My sweet friend, Claire went to be with Jesus today. Even though none of us understand and all of us are hurting, we will trust the ONE who brought us all together during our college  years. Jesus knows why and will comfort her family and all of her friends. We will all miss your smiling face, Claire!

My sweet friend, Claire went to be with Jesus today. She died suddenly and totally unexpected. Please pray for her family and the days ahead. She has many friends and family that are heartbroken. I can't wait to do a recap soon of all the fun memories that we shared. RIP Claire! 

Tell your friends and family that you love them any chance that you get!

Monday, July 28, 2014

iPhone Dump.

Hey friends! This month has been a WILD one so this blog of mine has gotten the back burner. I promise that I've been following along on your lives and reading blogs daily but I haven't had time or energy to blog. That changes.. today! 

My sweet friend, Rachel has inspired me with these "post labels" if you will and I'm hoping to get back on the ball. I love her blog and use her for inspiration all the time! Thanks, Rachel! :)

Today, I'm doing an iPhone dump and hopefully this will become a one or every two week post because I find my iPhone getting full of pictures that I just CAN'T delete! Feel free to steal the label above and do an iPhone dump post yourself. 
Two of my girls and I went to eat at a new restaurant last weekend, The Nautical Whimsy in Tupelo, MS. It was so good and we had a great time catching up. Brittany was expecting Miss Cora Jo (she is here now!) and we had a great time hearing all about their excitement with the new baby. Meagan and I went to Hobby Lobby and had fun taking selfies in all the pretty mirrors there. Y'all.. Hobby Lobby is my FAVORITE store! I just love that you can go in and find pretty much anything that you could want.

So, shopping is one of my best hobbies and I love sharing that hobby with other people. Meagan and I went to a couple of stores on Saturday and this is what we found that I thought was worth sharing. Who remembers those awesome Timberline boots? Oh boy! I couldn't believe that those were still for sale? Those baby Steve Madden sandals have my heart. How adorable are those?? And.. last but not least.. an amazing book store that I could have stayed in for days! I can't remember the name of it but I can find out if you are interested. I love finding new places that I didn't even know existed.

Just a few pictures that included the shopping adventures of Lauren... and while I would love to be shopping, this is currently taking up all my time. 

Sneak Peak of my classroom.

Pictures to come soon! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have a problem.

I confess that I love having a decorated door! 

And.. in order for this happen.. I have to buy door hangers for said doors. That gets expensive my friends! I have found multiple people in Northeast Miss. that make a living making these items and selling them on Facebook and flea markets. It's addictive and I need to quit buying!

Let me share my latest finds:

I figured that I would have plenty of occasions coming up to use this beauty! It was just too cute to leave at the store. :) If you need/want to borrow for a shower, etc. let me know!

The Mississippi's were too cute! I grabbed both of them and kept the one on the right for myself. I can't wait to see it on a front door soon! :)

This pumpkin always makes it debut at the beginning of October and it's one of my favorites! It is sparkly and makes me happy just walking up to it. 

This Ole Miss Christmas decor is adorable! I love that it can be used in the grove, on a front door or as a huge centerpiece in a Christmas tree. LOVE IT! Polka dots are my love language too so that's another plus!

I am OBSESSED with owls! Just about everyone that knows me knows this love of mine. I think that this owl is fabulous and if I didn't own so many other owl things, it would make a home in my collection. 

I could talk about so many more door decorations that I adore but I'll stop here! My mother has a door hanger for all seasons and I assume that's where my love for them came. Let me know if you see any that you just adore and that I need to check out! 

Funny story: I was at home one day when a little girl came to the door to sell some girl scout cookies. While I was talking to her, her mother (who is sitting in the car) yells up the stairs, "I love all of your decorations on your door." She said that they drive by all the time to look at them! Ha! I guess she was politely telling me that I have way too many to choose from! 

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Graceland Too Tragedy.

I know that some of you are local, Mississippi readers but for those of you that aren't let me share with you what I am talking about!

Paul McLeod, a man living in Holly Springs, Mississippi was an OBSESSED Elvis enthusiast. He spent his life decorating his home with nothing but Elvis memorabilia, hence the name Graceland Too. He opened his home to people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of his traffic were college students from Ole Miss who HAD to see what this Graceland Too business was about. Plus, it was tons more fun to go late at night instead of during the day!

I was a lifetime member (you only had to go 3 times to earn this) at this lovely place and it was always SO much fun to gather up a group of friends and give Ole' Paul a visit.  You got to put on the black jacket and play the guitar.. this man knew exactly what he was doing! :)

His house was decorated from floor to ceiling in the most eccentric decor you've ever seen. He could tell you a story about everything in his house and that to me, says that he LOVED everything in his home. He loved Coke, as in the soft drink and that was another story for another day!


On Wednesday, Paul was taken to jail for shooting and killing a man that supposedly broke into his home. He was released, so I am assuming that it was self defense and charges were not made. This morning, Paul was found dead on his front porch. This breaks my heart because I don't know the situation and I'm not sure if someone killed him or what happened?


If you want to keep up with this news story, go here. This is our local news that will be covering the story!

RIP, PAUL! You will be missed you crazy thing!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Happy Place. {Oxford, Mississippi}

I love this place with all of my being! Oxford has been in my blood since I was VERY little and I'm so thankful to have grown up so close to this magical place.  One of my first memories of Oxford and Ole Miss was a Homecoming pep rally that my mother took my friend Ashley and I to. Now.. Ashley was a State fan so this wasn't good from the get go! I was loving the cheerleaders and the football players but I remember the Hotty Toddy cheer most of all. I couldn't BELIEVE that they were cussing over and over! My mother was having to do a lot of explaining to Ashley and I. 

When I drive into Oxford, I feel at home. I always say that my heart pitter-patters! I love shopping around the square, eating at some of the best restaurants in the state, and especially game weekends in Oxford! If you have never been, let me take you to experience it!

When I was "pinterest-ing" one day, I came across this blog and it made me want to cry. Call me crazy if you wish! This guy was a visitor in Oxford for a game day weekend and his words and pictures matched up perfectly with my thoughts and feelings towards Oxford.

I know that State fans will say the say about their school/The Junction and that is perfectly okay with me. Every fan has their opinion and I completely respect that! I just know that Oxford is somewhere that I LOVE to visit and it's a place that is magical to me. I can't wait to be there in a couple of weeks for game day, filled with all the red and blue and yelling our famous HOTTY TODDY cheer!

Let me hear it.. Are You Ready?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

iPhone dump. Aka: I need more space.

Summer time is a beautiful thing! I find myself taking more pictures than normal and now my phone is telling me to slow my roll. Seriously, I have no memory on my phone to do anything and it's killing my soul.

Caitlyn shared her pictures (check them out) and I figured it was time that I do the same. Let's re-visit memories, shall we?

{Fourth of July weekend}- I just love a good American flag picture. Fireworks in Oxford, Thaxton Water tower and town get-together, Children's church

{Fun Days}- Caitlyn, Bre Anna and I in Oxford walking around the square, Mom and I had a Girl's Day, Bre Anna and I at the Bruno concert... Which was AMAZING! 

{Little People}- Cooper finally came to me at church. Isn't he the cutest? Little Maddie is my pal. She is saying my name and it makes this "Miss Lauren" so HAPPY! :) These kiddos make me smile.

{Random}- Bre Anna and I went to Walmart to shop for her vacation to the Dominican Republic and a mosquito net was my suggestion. She didn't take my help but made it back alive and in one piece.- This person is Michelle and she is NOT missing! I haven't seen her in forever and went to see her the other day. I love catching up!

I just LOVE summer when we can travel and visit with people that we haven't seen in a while. 

Well, we have VBS this week (3&4 year old teacher) and I'm in Grad School MTW so I am beat! I'm about to take a quick nap and rest up! Hope to see your iPhone dumps soon!