Thursday, July 17, 2014

Graceland Too Tragedy.

I know that some of you are local, Mississippi readers but for those of you that aren't let me share with you what I am talking about!

Paul McLeod, a man living in Holly Springs, Mississippi was an OBSESSED Elvis enthusiast. He spent his life decorating his home with nothing but Elvis memorabilia, hence the name Graceland Too. He opened his home to people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of his traffic were college students from Ole Miss who HAD to see what this Graceland Too business was about. Plus, it was tons more fun to go late at night instead of during the day!

I was a lifetime member (you only had to go 3 times to earn this) at this lovely place and it was always SO much fun to gather up a group of friends and give Ole' Paul a visit.  You got to put on the black jacket and play the guitar.. this man knew exactly what he was doing! :)

His house was decorated from floor to ceiling in the most eccentric decor you've ever seen. He could tell you a story about everything in his house and that to me, says that he LOVED everything in his home. He loved Coke, as in the soft drink and that was another story for another day!


On Wednesday, Paul was taken to jail for shooting and killing a man that supposedly broke into his home. He was released, so I am assuming that it was self defense and charges were not made. This morning, Paul was found dead on his front porch. This breaks my heart because I don't know the situation and I'm not sure if someone killed him or what happened?


If you want to keep up with this news story, go here. This is our local news that will be covering the story!

RIP, PAUL! You will be missed you crazy thing!