Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ladies and Gentleman, that's a wrap!

I can't believe that after Saturday, we only have a bowl game left. 
I mean, what am I supposed to do with myself on Saturdays? I'm sure I can find LOTS to do but still, it's sad. Red and Blue outfits, Colonel Reb in The Grove, and friends/tailgates makes me one happy lady! I'm always ready to show my love for the Rebs!

These pictures are just a FEW that were taken to remember the 2014 Football Season. It was a WILD ride with a win against Alabama and we had a few (ahem) rough losses but our boys deserve all the praise that we can give them! I am SICK of hearing all these "Ole Miss fans" who keep downing our boys and have no faith in them this coming Saturday. No matter what happens (even though boys, I'm counting on a WIN) these guys will have my full attention and all the yelling and clapping that I can muster. 

This week in the state of Mississippi is the biggest game of the year! The Egg Bowl will start at 2:30 on Saturday and it's anyone's game this year! I PRAY that our boys are ready to fight and that we end the game with a Win in our favor. It's about time to shut those dogs up! It's rivalry like none other and I can't wait to share the excitement on Saturday!

Who is your pick for Saturday? #hottytoddy

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What's been happening lately?

Well, it's been a while so let's play catch-up! Isn't that what Thanksgiving Week is for, huh?

My sweet Mom was in the hospital about two weeks ago with a crazy bacteria in her body. She felt fine, was running no fever BUT was sick and had to have an IV only. I really hope that at 89 that's all I need too. She is feeling a little better now but that painting that I brought for her hospital room cheered her up. SEE... Mom has a son and his family who are State fans and then My side of the family are all Rebel fans. She is split in between and that white house up there looks just like her sweet house! 

She better be displaying that this week even though I know which side she is going for! :) #hottytoddy

It never fails in my small, hometown church that someone is going to be dressed like you! I love when this happens and we always have to take a picture to document the moment. This baby girl is so precious and her smile makes me happy! Love you, Adelyn!

Excuse the cursing but isn't this the truth! I find myself these days wondering if I'll ever be able to save money and have a backup plan.. Please tell me this is all a part of being in my twenties? SOMEBODY....

So, I found out that the author of The Polar Express was coming to Square Books Junior and I knew that I had to get my book signed. It turned into a $40 affair, and a wait of about an hour but dadgumit, Ms. Patton's class has a signed book to enjoy! I really can't wait to show them that I met the author. 

This special lady was the highlight of my day at the Helen Brett Jewelry show! This is Mrs. Lott, who was my mentor teacher and helped me survive my 1st year of teaching! She is the sweetest lady that you could ever meet! I'll always be her biggest fan! :)  Love you, Miss you!

So, that's a wrap tonight! I'm on the couch recovering from a Doctor's Visit yesterday and a Christmas putting up palooza today! More to come about that..

I'll be back tomorrow, you just wait and see...