Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The first social gathering at 151.

From the time I was little, I have always loved a good party. My mother has always hosted a Christmas supper, NYE party, SOMETHING at our home and it is one of my favorite things to attend. Good food, laughter, gifts, and together time making memories. What is there NOT to love about those times?

So, this year.. our cousin Christmas get together was at my house! I like to call it the first social gathering of 151. (btw: that's my house number.

So, the night before the gathering we had our Patton Christmas which was a blast as usual. When I left there it was 10:30 and I still had not bought the groceries for the party. To Kroger I went and shopped for the next day. Kroger that late at night is definitely the time to shop! 

The next morning I woke up and made Crock Pot Pizza, fixed a bagged salad, and made Chocolate dipped marshmallows.  I do not profess to be a cook but for me, this was good! I think my family was VERY shocked that I prepared a meal BY MYSELF. :)

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I still have no dining room suite to show. Card tables are the next best thing so that's what we used. Let me tell you they worked just the same. I am a firm believer in paper products for the holidays because that time is not wasted on washing dishes. Do not get me wrong, beautiful Christmas china is beautiful but sometimes (such as this) totally unnecessary. 

Marshmallows were the hit of the party. One of our parents made these for our Christmas party at school and I fell in sweet, candy love. I decided these would be great for the Cousin Christmas and I even incidentally made them into the shape of a Christmas tree. 

I am so happy that everything went off without a hitch and I hope that my family felt at home and welcomed into my little happy place. I am so thankful to have a house this holiday season that I can decorate and share with family and friends.

Cousin Christmas 2014, you were fun! Can't wait for next year!


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How FUN! Looks like you threw a fabulous little shindig--and I need to know more about this Crockpot Pizza...YUM! That sounds delish! Hope your Christmas was merry...can't wait to get together soon!