Monday, March 9, 2015

Does that make me crazy?

For the 5th year, I went to Merigold for the McCarty sale. I still haven't decided if this was my last year or not but I was not satisfied with the sale this year. Let me start off negative and end positive.. okay? Stay with me...

We were numbers 89-91 in line of probably close to 300 people and we did not get into the sale until 6:30 Sunday night. Now mind you, we had been in line since Saturday at 12:00 noon! I was not a happy camper but just KNEW that we would get our prized possessions and be out in record time. NOPE, didn't happen! Then, our finds were mediocre but it was a fun weekend and now I'll share the positive. 

1.} We drove down on Saturday morning and spent the afternoon talking and catching up from the back of our car. 2.} Aunt Melba and I were pumped and ready! This was Caitlyn and Aunt Melba's first experience so they were really excited to see what McCarty sale was all about. 3.} All these cars are full of women who had slept in their cars all night and were cold before lining up for the sale. Oh, and it was raining! 4.} Sitting in line waiting for role call and praying for food. (We were starving at this point.) 5.} My precious Daddy, had the idea of taking their hunting blind and it was the best idea he has ever had. It saved the day! 6.} But.. taking that said hunting blind down was a different story. It wouldn't fold correctly and was the pits but we somehow made it home without the thing tearing up. 7.} And the line begins... We were all getting excited for 1:00! 8.}  We were at the door about to go in! Aunt Melba and I got many questions about our outfits. We know where our loyalties are we are okay with that! ;) 9.} When I finally got home at midnight, this is what I had purchased. 

As I've said on several social media outlets, I was very disappointed but I did get some pieces that I didn't have! McCarty is such a fun weekend for me but I have collected so much that it may not be worth it for me to go anymore. We shall see what next year holds! 

I'm so glad that I got to spend a fun, EXHAUSTING weekend with my family and friends! Everyone needs to try this at least once!


Kate Pace Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

My mom went to the Peter's sale and got lots of great stuff!

Cassie Tennyson Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

I ran across your blog after searching for "McCarty" on Google :) I was at the sale Sunday as well and will never do another Sunday sale! We were numbers 140 and got in right at 9:00pm. All that was left were small bowls and shells and a few odds and ends. I actually ended up finding a great bowl at the END of the line next to the register that someone had put back. I think I'll stick to Mondays!

Whitney Biber Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates [Reply]

it sounds so fun to me! :)