Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's time for an iPhone dump

Hey friends! I feel like it's time to jump back into blogging slowly by surely. I've been saying that when I get a new layout and look that it will motivate me to type my life out again! I've got to get on that but why wait until that time?

So, here we go. This may be long so hold on to your socks!

1.) Today was our first Ole Miss game (76-3, we'll take it!)-- 2.) Ms. Patton's Class is ready for our season. This craft makes me happy, happy, happy!-- 3.) A Friday doctor visit was not in my plans but luckily that shot is helping me feel better!-- 4.) My Goodwill game has been on it lately! I found that cute print and those bowls for about $8 total the other afternoon!--5.) First time my hair has been highlighted in months.. it's like a breath of fresh air! 6.) Celebrated a YEAR in my sweet house! I love my little place that I call home! --7.) Diet Coke is a teacher's best friend.-- 8.) It's always fun when teachers match at school.--9.) Love the small town Board of Supervisor's panel room.

August was busy with family time, school starting back and getting into a routine again. 

Lauren Ann got married and it was a fairy tale wedding! I just love when the bride and groom's personalities shine through on their big day!

I was asked to be a judge for Pontotoc's Rebel/Bulldog Tailgate on the Square. It was such a fun evening of eating LOTS of food and sharing the memories with friends. Thank goodness that the Rebels pulled out the victory with the competition and I hope our season follows suit.

I have a MILLION other pictures that I could share but for now I think that is all. 

Can't wait to dig back into blogging. See y'all soon! 


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Glad to see you back on the blog, Lauren! Hopefully we meet up sometime this season!