Monday, June 6, 2016


A couple of months ago I got a phone call that I'll never forget. My friend, Meagan, who we call "Merle" said that she had found the one and would be getting married soon. Now, I was shocked because they hadn't been dating long but what Meagan says, you listen to.

Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend. We traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate her Bachelorette trip! We left early Saturday morning and took our time traveling. Once we got there, parking was our nemesis (ha) and we finally just decided to go with Valet parking because it seems to be our cheapest option. 

We get to our room on the 25th Floor and settle in for having fun that night. Around 8:00 we go downtown, which was right outside our hotel, and start out night of fun. We walked down Broadway and went in many different places. We danced, sang, and ultimately had fun being together! 

We stayed out until around 1:30, and decided that the Taco Shop downtown was our best option for the night. We all ate and then retired back to the room. Y'all.. we may be fun but we are getting older. As I looked at all the early 20 somethings around me, I wanted to yell, "Enjoy it. You'll be tired like me soon enough!" But seriously...


Merle.. Your big day is coming up SOON and I can't wait to be standing by your side! Wishing you and Jackson the happiest of days!